Pool Playdate

We hung out at the pool with our friends today!

Jayme+Saber, Liz+Willa, and Hudson+I try to get together every other week or so for a little play time. Today we went to the pool in Jayme’s neighborhood. It just opened up recently and their neighborhood is still new-ish & small, we were the only ones at this pool this afternoon! It was so nice!!!

Here are the babies 🙂 Willa shared Hudson’s raft. Look at Saber’s cute grin! Hudson didn’t want to part with the paci…whatever. That was the closest thing I could get to everyone looking at the camera

The love boat. Ha. 🙂

Hudson & Saber…they are totally besties!

Sweet girl conked out after all that swimming,

Saber…he is the happiest baby ev-a!!

My boy found some sticks…and was super content to play with them for a long time 🙂 I love having boys.

We are so thankful for our friends & fun days in this hot summer sun!