{Belated} Merry Christmas!

This is a late {of course} review of our first Christmas as a family of four!

We had 2 Christmas Eve services at Providence this year – at 4pm and 6pm – so Jordan headed up to the Church around 2:00 to get things ready with the rest of the staff. The boys & I went to the 4pm and then headed over to my parents – Jordan met us there after the later service. We had strawberry waffles (the annual Hodges Christmas Eve tradition!) and did our Christmas with my family and then headed home.

We always reserve Christmas morning for just our little family. We finished our advent study/had a sweet time of family worship after a special Christmas breakfast – – I’ve been searching for the “perfect” recipe for the past 4 Christmases since Jordan and I have been married – – and this year I found it!! But I’ll save that for another post…

After we did our own thing we headed over to Jordan’s parents to do Christmas with his side. That was fun as his WHOLE extended family {the Stone side} was there at one time! I don’t remember the last time that everyone was under the same roof for a holiday – – seems like one or two are always MIA.

After brunch/lunch I took the boys home and we all napped. Jordan stayed for the annual Stone tradition of gingerbread house decorating competition…somehow all the guys ended up on a team together…and they won! Which is a big deal – – as Jordan & his team always ended up in 2nd place in years past. He was pretty {very} excited. Competitive IS his middle name you know.

We are super thankful for both of our extended families AND that they live so near to us – – it makes things so nice, especially at holidays! Especially when you have a baby right before Christmas…

P.S – How many of you noticed that in a previous post I said Owen would be 2 weeks old on Christmas Eve?? Sleep deprivation = really poor math skills! 2 weeks is FOURTEEN days, not TWELVE ūüėČ I didn’t even realized until I said something out loud about it and my SIL sweetly reminded me that he was born on a Monday, not a Saturday, and was indeed not 2 weeks old yet. Seriously. I am losing my mind…

Ok. Enough chatting…

Here are the pics!

2 cute boogies in matching Christmas Eve jammies!! Can’t even stand the cuteness…

Merry 1st Christmas precious boy!

The 5 knuckleheads who ended up on a team together and WON

This is their masterpiece…it is The Polar Express…

Four generations of Stone men (not that you could tell they are related by looking at them ;))

Merry {late} Christmas from us!!

Praying you had a joy filled time celebrating the birth of our Savior and longing for His return!


Our life lately.


I’ve got a little catching up to do on our lives lately. ¬†Let’s see…

My punkindoodle turned 4 months old on December 19th

He is so fun right now. ¬†He “talks” all the time … guess he has my word quota. ¬†He has also laughing a lot, which is hands down the cutest thing in the entire world. ¬†Hopefully I can catch it on video soon!

We started cereal. ¬†Well, that is a lie. ¬†I gave him cereal once and he thought it was yucky … who wouldn’t? ¬†So I made some organic applesauce and he liked that much better! ¬†We did 4-5 days of applesauce and 4-5 days of mashed bananas just to make sure he didn’t have any weird reaction to either … and now I mix a little cereal with either some apple or banana. MUCH tastier!

This was my first week back at work.  I am only working one night a week, usually Sundays.  I have been super nervous about going back and not remembering how to be a nurse after almost 5 months off!  I was having dreams of babies chasing me down the hallway to take my RN license away.  Thankfully night #1 went smoothly.  I was really surprised how quickly the rhythm of it all came back.  I even got an IV!  Whew!

It was pretty hard to leave home…even though it is only a 12 hour shift and both of my boys will sleep most of the time I am gone. ¬†I miss sleeping next to my hubby. ¬†I miss putting my baby to bed and nursing him in the middle of the night. However, it was fun to see my co-workers and to use the RN side of my brain. ¬†Working in the NICU is a blessing because we are obviously advocates of breast feeding/pumping for the babies. ¬†We have a pumping room for the moms to use with these fabulous Medela pumps and…employees get to use it to. Yay! ¬†It is a super duper hospital grade pump and it does the work of my pump is like half the time! Which is great, because I don’t love pumping. Really, who does though? ¬†Three cheers for Medela!! ¬†The morning after I work one of two things will happen: 1) Jordan will work from home and keep Hud while I take a nap. ¬†2) One of our Moms will keep Hud while I take a nap. ¬†#2 will happen more often. ¬†I am so thankful to have family nearby!

Christmas was really special this year with Hudson around. ¬†Our celebrations were pretty low-key. ¬†Another perk of family nearby = lots of driving not required. ¬†Christmas Eve we did brunch with Jordan’s family, Christmas Eve service at Providence,¬†Christmas Day with mine. ¬†It is a little overwhelming to think of how much has changed from Christmas 2009 to Christmas 2010. ¬†I am so thankful for the faithfulness & sovereignty of the Lord in bringing us though our hardest yet sweetest year yet.

One of our favorite parts of Christmas is having this girl home from South Dakota! ¬†All three of us have loved getting some time with Auntie “Hamna”

Jordan preached the Sunday after Christmas and did a wonderful job as always!! Really. I am not just biased.  You can listen to it here: http://insideprovidence.com/media/sermon-archive/.  He then had off the time between Christmas and New Year Рhooray! It was so fun to have him home all the time!!

New Year’s Eve = movie night at our house. ¬†We didn’t even make it to midnight to ring in the New Year … we’re lame, we know. ¬†Lame & happy about it! ¬†I just love my sleep a lot!

I think that is a pretty decent run down on the major happenings the last few weeks and I’ve got to go get some things done with Hudson is napping. ¬†So until next time … much love!

{Recipe} Gone in 60 seconds Dip

Tonight is our home group Christmas party … ugly sweater style! ¬†I’ll *hopefully* remember to take some pics to post.

I am making Gone in 60 seconds Dip (recipe courtesy of my friend Shauna).  It is SO good.  I could eat the entire thing all by myself and not be sorry.

My pants might not fit the next day.

But who cares?

It is so good.

I think it could also be called: “Do they lace this with crack?” Dip.

Without further ado…


1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

1 cup chopped pecans

¬Ĺ cup chopped green onions

¬ľ cup mayo

1 jar of red hot pepper jelly (found in peanut butter/jelly area of stores)

Serve with Wheat thins or Club crackers (I personally like wheat thins better than club)


Mix first 4 ingredients and spread out in a nice dish and refrigerate for 45 to 60 minutes.  Before serving, pour hot pepper jelly over the mixture and spread out evenly. Serve with the crackers.

Easy peasy. You gotta try it!!

Now … some eye candy for you::

Until next time.  Much love.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and I haven’t sent my cards out yet!

If you are like me …

(and i hope for your sake you are much more on the ball!)

…December has snuck up a little quicker than usual this year!

Here I am.  December 7th.  Eighteen days left until Christmas.  18!  I have done nothing about Christmas cards yet.  2010 has been a rough year for card sending in the Stone household.

When Hudson was born I was too caught up in enjoying our new little cutie (and trying to figure out how to breastfeed him. and changing his diapers. and then feeding him some more. and then quick! taking a nap for the moments that he was asleep) I decided we would just send birth announcements with our Christmas cards. ¬†Besides. ¬†That would save lots of postage. ¬†Because if you haven’t noticed – stamps cost an arm & a leg! “Here are my appendages mr. postman. may i please have a book of stamps?” Just a book. ¬†I’d have to give him Hudson to buy a whole ROLL of stamps!

Anyhow. Now I have a 3 – almost 4 – month old & I have done nada on the Christmas card front.

Then today…I found this great deal from this great company!

I love shutterfly!!

They have a wonderful promotion for bloggers. ¬†All you have to do is go here and follow the easy peasy directions and you get … 50 FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

Just look how stinkin’ cute their cards are!

If you need to do some Christmas shopping they have these super fun & easy to create photo books, photo calendars, and mugs.

I am putting together one of the photo books with Hudson’s newborn pictures.¬† I think it will be a special thing to do for all our babies.

What are you waiting for my fellow bloggery friends? Go check it out!!

Now you can afford the stamps for your super cute cards!

Hopefully you’ll be seeing this face on a Christmas card in your mailbox … before New Year’s rolls around!