Hudson {2 years old}

Happiest birthday to my big boy who made me a Mama 2 years ago today.

I will do a big long post soon! But for now, I just have to say, I could not be more thankful for you sweet boy!

We love you Hudson Mark!


Owen {8 months}

Owen was 8 months on 8/12/12.

Owen Paul – I cannot convey what a sweet baby you are! You are so relaxed & go-with-the flow as long as you are with us (especially Hudson!). Oh my goodness you LOVE your brother! And he adores you too. It is so fun to watch the two of you {sort of} begin to play together. Hudson brings you toys {& often tried to take them back pretty quickly} and you just light up to be included in whatever he is doing.

Stats: Unknown…we’ll go to the pedi next month and weigh/measure you then.

Developmental: The big news recently is that you started crawling! You were doing lots of rolling around the floor {sometimes purposefully} and a little bit of lunging around right as you turned 7 months. Then at 7.5 months on August 1 we left you two at Grammie’s while we went on a date night & you did a couple of little shuffle crawls and the rest is history. By the time the weekend was over (August 5) you had crawling ALL figured out and moved on to PULLING UP – you can only pull up onto your knees but you are working hard to figure out how to get your feet under you! You will climb over things just for the sake of climbing, even if it is a more roundabout way to get to your destination.

Mind you…a few months prior Mama was a little concerned you had motor issues because you were not sitting at 6 months (silly Mama!)

The crawling has initiated training time – the only things we’ve really had to work on right now are staying still during diaper changes (because you want to roll all around) and not touching the fan in the living room (floor fan, because it is HOT here!).

Sleeping: You have a tendency to wake up at 6am…which is about an hour earlier than Mama would like as it means I have to get up even earlier to have some alone time with the Word. But usually I can sneak into your room when you start chatting & get you and Hudson will stay asleep. And it is SO sweet to have some special alone time with YOU little one…because otherwise we don’t get much of that…so I suppose the earlier wake-up time is worth it 🙂

You take 2 naps most days from 9-11 and 1-3 (sometimes you still need a 3rd little short nap before dinner around 4:30). You go to bed at 7.

You’ve finally gotten used to sleeping in your crib. It was a hard adjustment for a week or two, moving from your pack’n’play to the crib but you love it now. Your crib is just across from Hudson’s bed and you will crawl over to the side of the crib & push your bumper pad down, and sit with your face pressed up against the rails so you can see him! He loves to make you laugh–he does all sorts of crazy things in his bed and you just laugh & laugh!

Eating: You are really enjoying solid food! You get really excited when it is time to eat & start grunting & growling. You’ve eaten all sorts of veggies and fruits and loved them all. You just started to like bananas this past weekend, that was the only thing you had turned down besides avocado and I haven’t tried that again yet. You are starting to want to feed yourself more & more so we are doing mostly purees still and some small bites of soft soft food on your tray for you to pick up (you are just starting to do a pincer grasp). I think you would LOVE baby led weaning type feeding…but I am not really into the MESS…so for now we are sticking with mostly purees until & a few bites as you get more coordinated.

You still nurse 4 times a day (sometimes 5). My milk supply is still on the lower end it seems, but you seem to be getting plenty. We’ve only had to supplement every once in a while so I am thankful for that. I would really like to nurse until you are 11 months and then will probably switch you straight over to raw milk.

I introduced a sippy with water when we started solids and you like to chew on it but haven’t figured out drinking yet.

Other things: You love music & reading. You “pat” everything – the surface in front of you – toys – book pages. You like to read (and chew) books. You enjoy being outside. Your legs and belly are super tickle-ish. You stick out your tongue all the time & blow zerberts or just grin. You are the easiest guy to make smile!  You can sit in the shopping cart steadily and love sitting up there next to Hudson (if we can find on with two seats). You try to chew on my toes when at my feet (eew!). When you want to be held you crawl over to me and head butt my legs (or gnaw on them). You are pretty much in full time cloth diapers during the day (more on that transition later) and a disposable at night for now & at church (or w/ grandparents/sitters).

We love you SO very much Owen. I cannot imagine our family without you. You bring such joy into our home!