{How to:} save some dollars on diapers

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Ok. For those of you Mommas or Daddys looking to save some dough on diapers…here is my current “best deal.”

{Note: this is only for those of you who use disposable diapers. If you cloth diaper…leave a comment because I’d love to talk to you about it. I’m considering making the switch when Owen is born.}

I currently buy diapers on Amazon and it has really saved us some cash!

Here is the back story on our diapering situation…if you don’t care and just want the facts about how I save money…skip on down friend!

Hudson wears size 3 diapers. I am just going to do all my examples with size 3’s because it is what we use and too complicated to break the savings down in all the different sizes. So if your baby is in 3’s – hip hip hooray for you – because I am doing all the price comparison work for you!

Hudson wears Luvs. I think I said before that I used & loved Pampers in the beginning (size NB and 1) but after that I started using less pricey brands and have been completely happy with them.

So, I’ve tried Pampers, Huggies, Target brand, and Luvs…and here is my opinion from our experience.

Luvs are to Pampers what Target brand are to Huggies.

The fit of Luvs & Pampers are VERY similar. The fit of Target brand and Huggies are VERY similar.

Luvs & Pampers fit BEST on my skinny boy who is always on the move.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ok. Here is the money saving info::

At Wal-Mart::

A box of Pampers Cruisers size 3 (222 count) is $50.00.  {$0.23/diaper}

A box of Luvs size 3 (234 count) is $39.97. {$0.17/diaper}

At Target::

A box of Pampers Cruisers size 3 (222 count) is $52.99. {$0.24/diaper}

A box of Luvs size 3 (108 count – this is the highest count I could find) is $16.99. {$0.16/diaper}

At BabysRUs::

A box of Pampers Cruisers size 3 (160 count) is $41.99 {$0.26/diaper}

A box of Luvs size 3 (204 count) is $35.99 {$0.18/diaper}

At BuyBuyBaby::

A box of Pampers Cruisers (186 count) is $43.99. {$0.24/diaper}

I couldn’t find Luvs listed online, they may carry them in the store. I’m not sure.

At Diapers.com::

A box of Pampers Cruisers (222 count) is $51.49. {$0.23/diaper}

A box of Luvs (234 count) is $43.99. {$0.19/diaper}

Finally:: At Amazon.com

You gotta sign up for AmazonMom and Subscribe&Save to get the deal but both are F-R-E-E to sign up for and you don’t get spam or anything…AND you get free 2 day shipping.

A box of Pampers Cruisers size 3 (222 count) is regularly $52.99 but if you are a member of AmazonMom + Subscribe&Save the price drops to $37.09. {$0.17/diaper)

A box of Luvs size 3 (243 count) is regularly $37.99 but as a member of AmazonMom + Subscribe&Save the price drops to $26.59 {$0.11/diaper}

Ta Da!!!

If you know of a better deal please let me know!!!

Happy saving!



Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas … and I haven’t sent my cards out yet!

If you are like me …

(and i hope for your sake you are much more on the ball!)

…December has snuck up a little quicker than usual this year!

Here I am.  December 7th.  Eighteen days left until Christmas.  18!  I have done nothing about Christmas cards yet.  2010 has been a rough year for card sending in the Stone household.

When Hudson was born I was too caught up in enjoying our new little cutie (and trying to figure out how to breastfeed him. and changing his diapers. and then feeding him some more. and then quick! taking a nap for the moments that he was asleep) I decided we would just send birth announcements with our Christmas cards.  Besides.  That would save lots of postage.  Because if you haven’t noticed – stamps cost an arm & a leg! “Here are my appendages mr. postman. may i please have a book of stamps?” Just a book.  I’d have to give him Hudson to buy a whole ROLL of stamps!

Anyhow. Now I have a 3 – almost 4 – month old & I have done nada on the Christmas card front.

Then today…I found this great deal from this great company!

I love shutterfly!!

They have a wonderful promotion for bloggers.  All you have to do is go here and follow the easy peasy directions and you get … 50 FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!

Just look how stinkin’ cute their cards are!

If you need to do some Christmas shopping they have these super fun & easy to create photo books, photo calendars, and mugs.

I am putting together one of the photo books with Hudson’s newborn pictures.  I think it will be a special thing to do for all our babies.

What are you waiting for my fellow bloggery friends? Go check it out!!

Now you can afford the stamps for your super cute cards!

Hopefully you’ll be seeing this face on a Christmas card in your mailbox … before New Year’s rolls around!