Owen 2 months; Hudson 18 months

Oh dear. I am late late late in posting this, but better late than NEVER, right?!

Owen turned 2 months on February 12. Here is the run down:

– Sleeping 7 (occasionally 8) hours at night every 2 or 3 nights, then he’ll be back to every 4-5 hours.

– Eats every 3 hours during the day

– Is awake for 1 hour after he eats then goes back to sleep. He is pretty much like clockwork.

– Poops every 2-3 days

– Has a double ear infection (BOO!!! This is my first experience with a child having an ear infection because Hudson has still never had one. Owen didn’t have any of the classic signs and wasn’t fussy at all, we found it at his well-baby check-up. It wasn’t a very bad one according to our pediatrician, and probably just because he has had so much congestion for so long & his little ears couldn’t drain. It broke my heart all the same.)

– Is such a social baby. He smiles and laughs and coos ALL the time. I love it.

– Adores his brother. Watches him all the time. Will smile GIANT smiles at him.

– Is a super snuggler. He loves to be on your shoulder with his head tucked into your neck. {Bliss}

– Is still sleeping in the pack N play in our room. We’ll kick him out to share with Hudson once he is sleeping a long stretch consistently.

– Weighed 11 lbs 12 oz and I don’t remember how many inches…I’ll update it later. Let’s be honest, if I go find his “report card” I may never finish this post!

~ ~ ~

Hudson turned 18 months on February 19:

– Sleeps from 6:45-7pm to 7:30-8pm

– Takes one nap from 1-3 (I’ve discovered he really has to go down at 1. If I keep him up later then he won’t sleep his full nap and will be CRANKY) He can stay up until about 2 every once in a while and be ok but not for consecutive days and he has to go to bed on the early side.

– Is still a really good eater for a toddler (I think), he will still LOVE something one day and HATE it the next, but not as often

– Can feed himself with a fork & spoon really well, but usually asks me to feed him about halfway into his meal

– Is talking like crazy. Every day he has new words. They are sounding more & more clear, but still very much toddler speak – not clearly enunciated. Words he says really well:: Mama, Dada, Up, Down, Out, Nana, Papa, Pop. (he says “Grammie” but it sounds like “BeBe”). Owen (“Ahdeen”). Drink. Eat. Airplane (“Ahpay”). Hi. Bye bye. Hudson (“Hutayn”).

He can do names/sounds for: Dog. Cat. Cow. Duck. Pig. Rooster. Snake. Horse. Lion. Squirrel (ha!). Bunny (wrinkles his nose). Monkey. Fish (face).

– Knows his first two catechism questions:: 1) Q: Who made you? A: GOD! (2) Q: What else did God make? A: ALL THINGS!

– Adores all things airplane. We read airplane books. Watch airplane videos on youtube. Sing airplane songs.

– Loves reading. All the sudden, he just can’t get enough. We read and read and read. Often the same 3-5 books…over and over and over and over…and over. (Right now were are especially loving these: Freight Train. That’s Not My Airplane. Planes at the Airport. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry, and Big Hungry Bear. From Head to Toe. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Choo Choo. Goodnight Moon.

– Loves to “drive” the car. He & Jordan will go sit in the car and pretend to drive for a long time.

– Loves to be outside (we’re super thankful for the nice weather lately!!)

– Loves to help. With everything. Work outside with Daddy in the garage or yard. He helps me clean and do laundry and cook. He loves to help vacuum and sweep. He helps with Owen (brings me a clean diaper and throws away the dirty ones), he helps bathe him when I put them in the tub together.

– Got 5 teeth in the last month or so (3 molars and 2 other bottom teeth – can’t remember their names). We’re making up for lost time I suppose!

– Is very interested in the potty. We are not doing anything official yet, but I’m starting to make a plan.

– Gives the sweetest hugs & kisses…without being asked. {Melts my heart}

– Is very good about holding our hands when we are out and about. Or when he wants to take us somewhere & show us something. {Love it. That started ~ 15 months when we were really working on coming to us and holding hands without pulling away}

– 23.5 lbs and 32 inches

~ ~ ~

I am SO SO SO thankful for my precious boys! I just can’t get enough of them. The Lord has blessed us indeed.

I’ll post pics later. I am almost out of battery…but at least I got this done!!


Here are the pics!

What a photo shoot USUALLY amounts to 😉

This is Hudson’s “cheese” face

Bubbs loves playing the piano these days

And this last picture…oh my. I die.


{16 months}

I just realized that I missed the past 3 months of Hudson updates…where did the time go?

Sweet boy…you are 16 months old today!

You are SO fun. You are all big boy these days. You run everywhere & talk constantly these days. Your vocabulary is exploding and you are getting more & more understandable. A lot of your words sound very much alike, but for the most part Daddy & I can always understand you – even if no one else can! You imitate just about everything that we say & do.

You love to make us laugh & do so often with your funny antics. You also love to show off for other people, especially when they come over to our house. You are a total ham.

You LOVE vehicles right now…especially trucks. ESPECIALLY the trash truck!! This fascination started a couple months ago. We anticipate Mondays (trash days) all week!! You also love tools, the garage, & the lawn equipment. You’ve recently been helping Daddy rake leaves in the yard. Oh – and brooms! You still love cleaning – vacuums, the swiffer, brooms, dusting, etc. I *really* hope that you keep this love 😉

You recently learned how to push yourself on your riding toys with your feet (this is also a marker of how much taller you’ve grown recently!), you are working on learning to use a fork & spoon while eating (we started this around 13 months I think),  you love to throw balls & just recently have started kicking them as well – Daddy is teaching you to dribble a soccer ball.

You have officially dropped your morning nap. That happened within the last 2 weeks. As a result you now go to bed a little earlier at night, this is pretty normal & healthy as you are sleeping less during the day. So now you wake up between 7:30 and 8 most days and go to bed at 6:30. You go down for a nap right after lunch and sleep from 1-3.

Your life changed radically this week as we welcomed your brother Owen into the world. You love him already. You give him the sweetest hugs & kisses and bring him his blanket. When he cries you run to check on him. You are Mama’s big helper & throw his diapers in the trash for me. We pray that your love for one another abounds.

Hudson Mark – you are such a blessing! You bring so much joy & laughter to our home! We LOVE you and are so stinkin’ thankful to be your parents!

13 months

Our boy is 13 months old today!

This is the face I get when I asked him to “say cheese”. I just can’t get enough of him!

I’m not sure when I’ll stop these monthly updates…at some point they will become more infrequent, but I might as well keep it up for now!

Let’s see, the 13 month details:

* You sleep from 7pm-7am, pretty much without fail.

* You still take two naps, one in the morning from 10-11:30ish & one in the afternoon (this one is more flexible on the timing…but usually in the neighborhood of 2:30-4).

We tried dropping your morning nap for about a week recently at first because we had to be gone during your usual nap time 2 days in a row, and then for 2-3 days after that to see how you’d do.

The first few days you did great…2.5-3 hour afternoon nap right after lunch and you’d sleep in an extra 30 minutes -1 hour in the morning but then you stopped sleeping in and the afternoon nap started to get shorter which = “I still need my morning sleep” – so we’re back to 2 naps.

I don’t really care and I hadn’t even intended to try dropping the AM nap this soon, but it is nice to know that you can if we need to be somewhere in the morning. I’m not planning to make any big changes to your routine until after Owen is born…one big change at a time!

* You eat like crazy, you eat more than I do some days. You are a little more picky these days, but apparently that is normal. It is a little harder/frustrating for me because one day you will LOVE something and the next day you won’t touch it, but overall you eat really well.

* We have switched from formula to organic whole milk but we haven’t made the transition from a bottle to a sippy cup (for milk). You drink water out of your cup (the straw kind) but you haven’t been a fan of milk from a cup…so my plan is to get a different (non straw) sippy that is ONLY for milk and we’ll probably just switch cold turkey…I just honestly haven’t felt like messing with it yet…because I think the first few days will be rough…but perhaps you’ll surprise me! We’ll see how it goes…

Right now you drink milk right after you wake up in the morning and before bed at night and sometimes in the afternoons before dinner, but not always.

* Your co-ordination & motor skill still surprise us…you run pretty much everywhere…climb on anything…try really hard to jump from one piece of furniture to another (yikes)…you sign “milk”, “all done”, and occasionally the REAL “more”…you use a pincer grasp very well…you are learning to clap – usually you’re so excited you just flap your arms up and down or pat your legs instead 😉 You love to strum the guitar & play the piano…you adore anything with buttons (remotes, phones, etc)…you are about to figure out how to “ride” your tractor and push with your feet to make it go, right now you either push it around or just sit on it…you love lids, taking them off/putting them on…when you take the time to sit down you do well with your shape sorter (you can get 3-4 in on your own)

* Verbally, you are become more and more of an imitator. I can tell that you understand a ton of what we say and I can understand what you are trying to say most of the time – but I’m sure most other people couldn’t because a lot of your words sound the same 🙂

You definitely say, “dada”, “hot”, “trash”, “shower”, “up”, “down”

and you intended to say a lot more but they mostly sound like, “ah” 🙂

You point at things for us to name them ALL day long … I’m pretty sure you’re going to bust out with complete sentances one of these days.

You will also “moo” like a cow and “growl” like a lion/tiger/bear/etc. and “snort” like a pig and “vroom” like a truck/car/tractor

You still won’t say “momma”…I don’t want to talk about it.

 * You LOVE animals. We started my own version of “tot school” (more on that later) but basically it is a little more intentional learning based play. This month was farm month 🙂 You’ve had lots of fun with it. We are going to a petting zoo this week and the Ft. Worth zoo next week (they also have a great petting zoo) and I can’t wait to see your reaction to all the real life animals!

* I am LOVING this stage with you! You are learning so much and your personality shows more & more each day…you keep us laughing with your expressions & “jokes”

* You are completely attached to your blankies (thankfully we have 2 matching, so we keep one in the car and one in the house)

* You are super sweet about climbing into our laps for a (quick) snuggle and kisses. Oh, and you think it is HILARIOUS when Daddy & I kiss 🙂

* You have 5 teeth, 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom, and several that are about to come in…I think they’ll be here “any day” but I’ve said that for weeks now…they are slow pokes!

* Your pretty obsessed with bellies right now. Momma’s belly. Your belly. Everyone else’s belly. We talk about “baby owen” in momma’s belly and you give my belly kisses 🙂 Very sweet. You have NO IDEA a brother is coming though. I think you’ll be so little that it will very quickly be the “new normal”

* We love you Hudson Mark. You bring such joy to our home 🙂 We are beyond blessed to be your parents.

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Yesterday, August 19, was actually Hud’s birthday, but I didn’t get this posted…

Sweet Hudson.

Daddy & I cannot believe how quickly the last year has gone by! Yet at the same time, we have only the fuzziest memories of life before you were in it.

The last year with you has been such a joy.

You are indeed the sweetest little boy we know.

You are always on the move. Walking. Running. Climbing. “Jumping” (i.e. you move your feet back and forth really quickly)

When we turn on music, you dance.

You can now not only climb onto the furniture, but get off carefully (you turn onto your belly and slide off feet first instead of just diving off head first. Momma is very thankful for this development!)

You love airplanes, balls, trucks, blocks, daddy’s guitar, the piano, being outside, animals of all kinds, your blue blankies.

You are almost always carrying something around the house (just like Daddy when he was little). Preferably something in both hands.

You are so smart and you love to figure out how things work.

You surprised Momma the other day with you ability to put several the plastic shapes into the correct places in your shape sorter all by yourself.

You love to sit on our laps while we play.

Being tossed up & down in the air by Daddy & wrestling with Daddy are two of your most favorite things. Daddy is your biggest hero. When he comes home from work and Momma says, “Daddy is home!” you go to the garage door and look out the little window (clear pet door from the previous owners’ cat) and wait for him to come inside.

You give Momma the sweetest kisses & cuddles. When I am working in the kitchen you come and hug my leg & bring me one of your toys. When I get ready in the morning you go into my closet and hug my clothes 🙂 I guess maybe because they smell like me.

You really like to take showers with one of us. Probably even more than you like to take baths.

We are working on transitioning from formula to organic whole milk & so far it is going pretty smoothly, for which I am thankful. Next we’ll work on moving from the bottle to a sippy cup all the time.

You eat like a champ. Sometimes I think you eat as much as I do!

You take 2 naps a day. I think we could probably drop your morning nap sometime in the next month or so, but I’m afraid you’ll just want it back when Owen is born, so I am going to try to wait until after he is born. One big change at a time!

You are developing more of a love for books. You will sit in my lap and read and we can actually get all the way through a book before you get up to find another one or a toy.

You, our son, are the most precious blessing from the Lord. We are so thankful for your life. We love watching you grow. We beg Him daily for your salvation.

We love you Hudson Mark Stone! With all our heart.

this was the morning of your birthday. i am greeted by this sweet expression every morning. oh what joy!

A year ago today…

One year ago today…almost to the hour…Jordan came home and I said,

“Hey, guess what! I think I’m having real contractions!”

Twelve hours later, at 5:27am on August 19, 2010 our sweet Hudson was born.

I can hardly believe it has been a year!

I’ll do a real birthday post tomorrow.

I am also going to write out Hudson’s birth story…because I never did it…and I probably should. So maybe I’ll post that at some point too…

11 months

Sweet Hudson boy, you are 11 months old today. I can hardly believe how quickly we are approaching the one year mark! Every day with you is such a joy.

You are so much fun right now. You are almost completely a toddler, walking virtually everywhere. You will occasionally still crawl, but rarely, maybe once or twice a day. You are an explorer. You are bold & adventurous. You are quite the ham 😉 and bring much laughter to our house. Your laughter is contagious. You give the sweetest kisses. You have started bringing me a book or toy and climbing into to read or play together.

You love to figure out how things work. You will sit and open & close doors and cabinets; take lids off & put them back on; put things in & take them out of a container over and over and over. You love to wrestle with your daddy – to do anything with daddy really. Read a book. Work in the yard. You name it…you are daddy’s no. 2 fan! (because momma will always be no. 1).

You love to play with your trucks & cars. Your touch & feel farm animal book is still your most favorite – you will sit and look at it for a long time. When you get to the page with the pig you will wrinkle your nose and snort – you are learning so many new things.

You have 3 teeth now, 2 on the bottom and 1 on the top. I don’t know your measurements, we’ll find out next month at your 12 month appointment. You are still tall and skinny. You eat a lot of table food – sometimes as much as momma – but you go-go-go all day long. You still eat 3-4 bottles (6-8oz each) a day. You sleep from 7pm-7am and take 2 naps, one morning and one afternoon. Usually one is 2 hours and one is 1.5 hours. You are starting to manifest a little separation anxiety. Sometimes you wake up at night crying and the only explanation seems to be that you get scared, we hug, kiss and rock you for a few minutes and then you go right back to bed. You cry when I drop you off at class on Sunday mornings but only for a few minutes. Sometimes you cry if someone else tries to hold you, even someone you know well, especially when you are tired.

We cannot imagine life without you Hudson Mark & are so thankful to the Lord for the gift of your life!

He thinks this is the best game ever…absolutely no fear. 

Happy Father’s Day & 10 months

Today is a big day! It is father’s day! A day to celebrate the men in our lives – though they deserve so much more than just a day.

Happy father’s day to our most wonderful husband & daddy!

I hit the jackpot when I married this guy, tell you what!

He is kind. Hard-working. Loves Jesus like crazy.

He loves us so well.

I am so thankful to be his wife & to raise our children together.

Jordan is blessing beyond measure.

Today is also the 19th…Hudson is 10 months old today!

Sweet boy…you are such a JOY to be around. Being your Momma gets sweeter every day. You keep us laughing with your antics, expressions, silly faces, and jabbering. It amazes us how quickly you learn things! Just yesterday you took your first real steps! Daddy says it was his early father’s day gift 🙂 and a pretty good one if you ask me!  You can walk about 5 steps in a row. You still seem to know that crawling is faster and you choose crawling over trying to walk most of the time. Your success yesterday though has definitely given you a boost of confidence. You are so bold!

Pushing your toys around the house (or any other object you can find) is one of your favorite past-times right now. You love to open Momma’s bathroom cabinet and pull everything out and then put it back in again. You cruise around the furniture at breakneck speed. In fact, most things you do are at top speed! You love to sit and look at your books with touch & feel pages, you especially like to turn the pages & have gotten quite good at it. You’ve really enjoy spending these hot summer days in the pool. You still seem drawn to animals of all shapes & sizes – especially puppy dogs. You will eat just about anything, especially if Momma is eating it too! You still only sign “milk” but you do so to mean lots of things. I can tell that your language comprehension is exploding right now – so fun to watch! You are an excellent eater, willing to try just about anything & you like most things. Especially if Momma is eating the same thing! You seem to have a tender heart and respond quickly to correction & discipline. I am praying this holds true for all of your life – that the Lord would protect you that this NOT result in a fear of pleasing man – but that it results in a fear of the Lord leading to your salvation soon & very soon.

We love you more every day & are so thankful to be your Momma & Daddy!

Just snuck in to check on my boy before heading to bed & look at the cuteness that I found! 

All snuggled up with his blankie!

GOODNESS I love him!

Really really overdue.

Sheesh. My last post was in APRIL and it is now very nearly JUNE! I kinda fell off the face of the blog world. Life however has been speeding right along! Here are a few of the things that have happened in the last 3+ weeks I have been absent.

Have I mentioned we lead a home group on Thursday nights? Well…”lead” is relative…more like hang out with, eat with, study scripture with, worship with some of the. coolest. people. ever.

See…here they are…and we were missing two couples that night!

We have been meeting for about a year and 1/2 and had grown to somewhere around 30 people – which makes for a ginormously fun time! But it wasn’t realistic to stay that big forever … so we planted out a new group. Sending them out was both way exciting and way sad at the same time. It is funny how small our group 0f 20 now feels!

My favorite person in the whole world…

in case you had any doubt to whom i refer! 🙂

…went to India for 2 weeks. I was SO excited that he got to go! I love that part of the world!! (I spent a couple of weeks in a nearby country during college) Jordan went with TLI to help with/teach at a pastor’s conference. I’ll let him tell you about it…you can read his update letter here. The time at home with Hudson alone was easier than I expected … nothing major went wrong and nothing broke – house or car, which is the Lord’s goodness! You know those things always go wrong when hubby is away! I had planned to take a couple of road trips with Hudson to see friends who live far away but Hud still wasn’t over his upper respiratory junk and wasn’t sleeping well so we stayed home.

While Jordan was gone, the Lord gave me a teeny glimpse of what single parents (or military parents) feel…I really missed having him to share things with! Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have him for the nitty gritty, day to day, tasks & chores & discipline, etc too … but I really missed being able to talk to him & share with him all the good and hard parts of the day. It made me extra thankful for my wonderful hubby.

Hudson & I  are both really glad to have him back home!

Oh, and Hudson didn’t skip a beat when we picked Jordan up from the airport. I was a little afraid he would freak out, but he was just really excited and kept looking at Daddy like he half expected him to disappear at any minute.

Jordan & I just got back from a vacation/anniversary trip to Gatlinburg, TN – which is just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park. We were there for a whole week. We didn’t take Hudson…and we all survived AND had a really good time…although I missed my baby like crazy!

Hudson stayed here and split time between his wonderful grandparents (I mean, they are pretty fantastic to keep our busy busy BUSY boy for a whole week!).

I was super nervous and sad to leave him for so long even though I love the people who kept him. However, it was not as traumatic  as I expected. I skyped with him at least once a day…which has to be one of the best. inventions. ever. We both missed him bunches…but it was good to get away and enjoy each other. As hard as it was to be away, it was so very good to invest in our marriage via some quality time away from the normal distractions of life. Oh…sleeping in was great too. We had lots of fun hiking and exploring the area. But…

I am SO glad to be home.

I’ll post pictures, but I haven’t loaded them on the computer yet so you’ll have to wait.

One of my biggest fears was that Hudson would start walking while we were gone…but he didn’t. YAY.

Hudson…he turned 9 months old on the 19th and is rapidly becoming a little boy, not a baby. It is a super fun stage! But it is a little sad how fast he grows…I feel like if I blink too long when I open my eyes he’ll have grown into a man. I am loving every single second of being his Momma.

Here is his 9 month update:

* 18.6 lbs (25%) * 28.5 inches tall (60%) * Eats 4 bottles/day * Eats 2-3 meals of real food/day and LOVES it. Will pretty much eat anything we give him. * Is a very fast crawler * Can crawl with a toy in one hand, sometimes both * Likes to crawl with something in his mouth. Silly baby. * Pulls up to standing with hardly any effort * Cruises around furniture – getting really fast * Can stand alone for a split second, but doesn’t realize he is doing it 🙂 I think he could do it if he really tried but he is too busy doing other things * Talks all the time – but doesn’t yet say words on purpose (like he says “da-da” all the time, not just to Jordan) * Still won’t say mama…*sigh* *  Does the sign for “milk”. Sometimes he actually wants milk. A lot of times it seems to mean “I want that”. * Waves bye bye * Loves to place chase, wrestle with Jordan, knock down his tower of stacking cups, and make noise * Bangs his toys loudly, together, on the floor, on the wall, etc. * Clucks with his tongue, blows zerberts * Recently started a really high pitched sort of “squeal” * Starting to be able to grasb small objects with a pincher grasp * Likes to read * Likes peak-a-boo * Adores all animals – especially Baylor (Grammie & Pop’s dog) and Penny (Nane & Papa’s cat) * Can open cabinets * Puts EV-er-y-thing in his mouth * Has two teeth, on the bottom * Likes brushing his teeth *

Doesn’t like:

* Taking off or putting on clothes. I don’t know why, but this has become such a battle recently * Having to get out of the bath * Drying off after a bath * Being in his car seat for extended periods of time *

9 month pictures & trip pictures to come soon!!

8 months

Hudson is 8 months old today!!

Little boy, you are such a joy!! You are changing so fast these days!

Things you do these days:

Crawl (fast!), go from crawling/laying down to sitting, pull yourself to standing, you are getting better at feeding yourself finger foods – it is still hit & miss sometimes, sleep 12 hours at night (7pm-7am) and take 2 naps (10-11:30ish and 2-4ish), you eat 4 bottles/day and 3 meals of “real food”, you talk ALL the time (dada, baba, yaya, blah blah – no mama yet!), you also “roll your r’s” and “cluck” with your tongue, you love baths – can’t wait until we can get in the pool, you love the guitar – daddy plays for you every day and you will sit and listen for a long time – you know right where he keeps it and i often find you trying to “play” it yourself!, when you are excited/happy – you wrinkle your nose and smile, sometimes you wrinkle your nose and snort (so funny!), you enjoy reading – especially touch & feel books, you listen and respond (usually) when told “no”, you love dogs (really ANY animal, but especially dogs), you enjoy sitting in your stroller for a walk/run, you still only like the little green “soothie” pacifiers, you finally got your first tooth last week!

We love you SO much Hudson Mark Stone!!

I can’t believe you are already 8 months old!! The time flies by! Although, Daddy & I were saying the other day, that it is hard to remember what life was like without you!

March: An update.

Well hello there. It has been a while. It seems I am due for an update.

Jordan & I turned a year older this month (27 & 24 respectively).  I get to share a birthday month with my hubby (AND hubby’s wonderful sister. Twins you know). Isn’t that special?  I really love it!  We both had very fun, relaxing birthday celebrations. I got a massage (so did he) which is pure bliss in my opinion.  If we had money growing on our trees I would get a massage every week. Or maybe even every day. I got to do a some shopping on my day (yipee).  Jordan got some new books, a delicious (if I do say so myself) homemade dinner & cake and we watched some more Band of Brothers.  Now this may not seem like a crazy fun birthday to you – but those are some of his most favorite things in the world – books, cake, band of brothers – and ME!

Hudson turned another month older.  7. He is seven months old!!


Who said my baby could grow up?! Momma did NOT say!

Seriously though.  He is SUCH a joy. He has (sort of) learned to crawl. I’ve never seen another kiddo “crawl” quite like he does – it’s slightly weird.  He gets up on his hands & knees and then sort of flings himself forward.  It is like the baby version of “the worm”. He can scoot around pretty quickly though! He also (sort of) army crawls.  More like he just drags himself forward.  If he would just army crawl he would be SO FAST.  Yet he is so determined to be up on his hands & knees.  He just hasn’t quite figured out how to move his arms & legs in a synchronized, forward-motion, fashion.  His “flying squirrel” crawl gets him around, just not quite as quickly. I am not complaining about that!! He is already so into things. It is a whole new world of discipline.

He has recently learned how to drink out of a sippy cup (the straw kind), he sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes 2 (1.5-2 hr) naps during the day (we only recently dropped the 3rd evening nap). He has tried and liked {organic} brown rice, oatmeal, barley, bananas, apples, grapes, plums, pears, nectarines, prunes, avocado, mango, carrots, peas, summer squash, green beans, pumpkin, whole milk yogurt.  Dislike: butternut squash & initially peas – but now he seems to enjoy them. Still gnawing on everything in sight, but no teeth. He has been a little grumpy this week so maybe they are on the way.

Jordan is currently in Philadelphia at a church planting conference.  He left Wednesday and comes home tomorrow – hip hip hooray!! I am so glad that he was able to go and can’t wait to hear all about it – and to have him back home with us.  I really love my people.  A whole bunch. Especially my man. He gets to go to India the end of next month to help with a pastor’s conference.  He’ll be there for about 2 weeks.  So I’ve just viewed this trip as the “prep”. We will miss him bunches and bunches but I am so so so excited! It is the next best thing to going myself. More details the India trip later.

March has been a month of joy & also of grief.  Last year our former pastor and very dear friend Barry Keldie very suddenly & tragically passed away.  This year Jordan & I experienced a miscarriage.

I am going to share about it.  First – because I believe it will be good & healthy to put thoughts to “paper”, second – because I want my children to know what it was like while we were in the midst of it (or at least not very far removed from it), and thirdly – because so many women have experienced the same loss but it is so personal, no one really talks about it. Which I understand.  But I want to be open about it, so that I will be able to mourn with those who mourn.

Let me just testify that God is so good.  Even in the midst of deep sorrow. I don’t say that because it is what I am “supposed” to say because I am a “good christian” or a “pastor’s wife”.  But because it is true.  I could say it before, but I had never personally experienced a trial/sorrow like this one.

*What follows is a little long, please don’t feel obligated to read it, there are some pictures of sweet Hudson at the end. Feel free to skip to them*

We found out that we were pregnant on February 19th.  Hudson’s 7 month birthday. Which means they would have been about 14 months apart.  Which, believe it or not, I was super excited about! We weren’t necessarily trying. We had stopped using birth control (for a couple reasons). We want our babies to be close together and it took us a long time to get pregnant with Hudson, so I just assumed it would take as at least 3 or 4 months to get pregnant again.

But, lo and behold.  We got pregnant right off the bat.  We only found out because I took a random test (this is so weird) because I was super hot at night.  Like kicking off the covers and scooting away from Jordan hot – which never happens. I am usually always freezing at night. Weird, huh?

We went to the Dr. and did blood work, which came back great.  I was SUPER early, but my hormones were increasing appropriately.  So we told our parents.  Then on March 2nd I started spotting. I knew some spotting/bleeding could be normal, but I just had a feeling in my gut that this wasn’t.  The next day spotting turned into bleeding.  We went back to the Dr for more blood work. The really stinky thing about being very early is that blood work is all they can do – because nothing shows up on ultrasound – and the labs results take about 24 hours to get. So we told a whole bunch of people what was going on and asked them to pray that this would be “normal” bleeding and the Lord would spare our child. And we waited. And waited. And waited.

In the midst of this whole process my husband was such a rock.  I cannot describe how thankful I am to be married to this man. He held me and cried with me and prayed over me and spoke the Word over me. He is a tangible reminder of God’s grace in my life.

On Friday (March 4) my doctor called – we had lost the baby.

It is a weird grief.  The loss of a tiny someone we never really knew but in 2 short weeks we had come to love so dearly. A part of me thought, “It would be so much easier if we had just never known. If we could have just thought that I was having a period”. But though we will probably never understand fully, there is a reason that we were supposed to know, and in the end I am so thankful that we did.  That child brought us such joy and anticipation for two weeks.

The sadness comes in waves and hits me at the strangest moments. Now, 3 weeks out, the sadness is fewer and farther between. I can testify that His peace does pass all understanding.  The Lord has been gracious to heal my heart quickly. Don’t get me wrong, it will always be a loss. There will always be a sense of sorrow, but I have not despaired. And that is simply a testimony to the grace of our God and the comfort it is to know that he is sovereign, for it is certainly not by my own strength.

Through the whole process the Lord kept impressing upon me Psalm 145:17: The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds. It was His kindness to give us the baby, His kindness to give us knowledge of the baby, and it was His kindness to take it away so soon.

So. We grieve. But we trust that He is in control and that He does all things for His glory and for our good. And we trust that He will continue to grow our family in His perfect time.

I am also so super thankful for my beautiful son. He is truly such a joy! Here are some pictures of his sweet self.

*i love this because he snuggled there looking out the door for almost 10 minutes & he is never still that long! so sweet.

*isn’t he just the cutest punkin’ you have ever seen?!