Halloween 2011

I decided since pumpkin carving was a little too “out of our league” it would probably be zero fun and that we would do pumpkin painting instead. See that cute little painted pumpkin??

Well…this is pretty much how Hudson felt about the experience…

Not a big fan of finger painting at 14 months! (but we’ll get there…) So Daddy painted him instead of the pumpkin…

And then we watched some airplanes & life was good again.

This love of planes is what inspired his costume this year.

Last Halloween Hudson was a cow {2.5 months old}

And this year {as you saw from the pic I posted yesterday…} he was an aviator!

I found the little bomber jacket at a resale shop for $5 and everything else we already had…so it was an easy costume to throw together.

I am so crazy in love with my boys. All 3 of them.

Hud had such fun dumping candy out of his bucket and putting in back in…

Nerds = a fantastic musical instrument 🙂

We decided to stay home last night and hand out candy/trick-or-treat on our street because it is such a great time of year to meet our neighbors. We’ve had LOTS of people move away recently and new neighbors move in and for the most part our neighbors all keep to themselves so its been hard to get to know people on our street but we got to meet several new faces last night. Yay! Praying that the Lord will open some more doors & we will be able to get to know them better!

We had a great time in {tot school} in October learning about apples & pumpkins and I’m working on putting a post together about it. Hopefully it will be up soon!