{Owen} 10 days

Owen is 10 days old today yesterday!

I wrote this yesterday but forgot to post it…

We went to the pediatrician for his 2 week check-up (had to do it a little early since he’ll be technically 2 week on Christmas Eve). O is looking GREAT. He weighed 7lbs 8oz and is 20.8inches. Big man!!

The goal was to be back up to birth weight by 2 weeks – – which was 7lbs 4oz — so he has surpassed it. Yay Owen! Over achiever…he is so our kid.

It was such good encouragement for my heart. Breastfeeding has seemed to go SO so well thus far according to all the signs I can see (lots of poops & pee, he latches well, my boobs aren’t sore, etc) but, weight gain is the true indicator of how well things are going and you can ask Jordan…I get worried about every other day that “something is wrong” for no reason other than that I feel anxious in that moment. It is primarily rooted in the sin of wanting to be in control. My children are so especially good at bringing this to the surface of my Mama heart!! I try to be quick to tell Jordan when I start feeling anxious. It helps to speak my fears aloud, he graciously points out my sin & the error in my thinking and stops whatever he is doing to pray for me. It is such a precious expression of love. I sure am grateful to be married to my guy.

Other Owen details…at 10 days he is eating every 2.5-3 hours. Some nights he will do a 3.5-4 hour stretch, usually after his 4 o’clock feeding.

He had his first bottle this week and did super! I like to introduce the bottle within the first 3 weeks – as long as breastfeeding is well established. Then we do a bottle feeding once a day…that way Jordan can participate in feedings too (and we can do things like go on dates) AND when I go back to work Owen will eat while I’m gone! Which is kind of a big deal! I’m really a believer that (as long as breastfeeding is well established) introducing a bottle EARLY is the key to him taking a bottle easily later in life…it worked with Hudson at least!

10 11 days in to having two kids I am tired but LOVING it!!