Grilled Balsamic-Garlic Crusted Pork Tenderloin

I’ve made this recipe several times now…and it is DEEEEELICIOUS.

I found it on this lovely blog: Kitchen Confidante.

I don’t cook pork tenderloins very often (mostly because a good pork tenderloin is not very cheap) but they were on sale this past week at my favorite local store (Sprouts). They sell good meat and have great sales often – so when they do, I stock up.

Anyway, back to the pork! This recipe is what we are having for dinner and I thought I’d share! It is so easy and quick and really – one of the best pork tenderloins I have ever had.

I’m serving it with roasted cauliflower, carrots, and onions & spinach salad.

So…if you need a new recipe…try it!

Here is the link again

I’ve done it on both the oven & the grill and both were great – but I liked the grilled better – but I am partial to anything grilled!!

Hope you are enjoying this gorgeous Saturday! I got to sleep in this morning {thank you hubby!!} and then have coffee with some amazing ladies and the rest of the day we’ll be doing yard work and playing outside…it is SO nice outside that I might even lay out. In March. YES!!!


Owen Paul: 3 months

Owen was 3 months on the 12th of this month. Some day maybe I’ll get my act together and post the boy’s updates a little close to their actual day!

He is just the sweetest little boogie with so much personality! People who say, “if your first baby is easy then your second will be TERRIBLE,” are just rude & crazy! I thought Hudson was an easy baby but Owen is a SUPER easy – he is SO laid back about everything. He rarely cries unless he is hungry & I make him wait for some reason (like if we are driving or something). Otherwise he just squawks at us when he is ready to eat (like really emphatic talking). So funny 🙂

* Sleeps 8-10 hours (most nights)

* Eats every three hours during the day. Some nights I do a dream feed and some nights I don’t…it doesn’t really seem to make a difference in how long he sleeps, but I am usually more comfortable in the morning if I feed him before I go to bed. But often the need for sleep outweighs the comfort!

* Poops every 2-3 days

* Is still in the pack & play in our room…but is getting kicked out soon since he is sleeping pretty well. (a lot of days i think he would sleep longer but jordan’s alarm wakes him up early and once he is awake he is HUNGRY)

* Sleeps swaddled, but is very good at sneaking an arm out during the night so he can suck on his fingers. Little stinker 🙂

* Loves to talk! He coos and babbles and smiles all the time.

* Knows all of our voices and pays very close attention when he hears someone across the room (or across the Church, etc.) Jordan preached a couple of weeks ago and Owen listened very intently!

* Likes tummy time and is very good at pushing his chest up off the floor. Has good head control when propped up or on a shoulder.

* Up on a should is his favorite way to be held – he loves to look around

* Really seems to enjoy music – especially if one of us is singing to him.

* Pretty much adores his big brother and watches him all the time

* Has a chuckle-y kind of laugh

* Lost all his hair except a tiny little tuft at the base of his head (like a little monk)…and then Jordan buzzed that off…to “even him out.” Yes, I knew he was going to do it, and I held Owen & fussed (me, not Owen) the whole time. And then I got a little teary that ALL his very first baby fuzz-hair was gone. Although I guess it does look better…but I didn’t mind his little monk-do. The fuzz is growing back in. And his daddy loves his little bald and “even” head 😉

* Takes a bottle well. Which is good because I am going back to work next weekend!

* Seriously. I can’t even imagine our life without you Owen Paul! We love you!!

The Rescues

I’ve got a real post in the making…including Owen’s 3 month updates…but for now…go listen to this band.

I am loving them!

Also, Kyler England (one of the artists in The Rescues) released a solo album that you can download for FREE from NoiseTrade, I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet…but I’ve really loved the stuff I have heard!


Hope you enjoy.

{Wordless Wednesday}

Disclaimer:: I did not stage these pictures of Hudson sharing with Owen. He did it all of his own accord.

Not that I would be above staging such cute pictures…

He found out he can climb up there by himself now…greeeeeat…

Watching this video…Hudson’s most favorite…well, his ONLY favorite. He will not sit still for anything else…but will watch almost all of this one! 🙂

Oh, and no, that is not a whole bag of crackers. It is an empty bag, which we add a small number to, because he likes to eat them out of the bag…we blame Nana for this one 😉