Owen {7 months}

pictures to come…

Owen turned 7 months on 7/12/12

At 7 months::

* Owen is sleeping from 7pm-7am most nights (occasionally he will wake up a little early still in the morning)

* Naps from 9-11, and 1-3, and sometimes takes a catnap at 5 (for 30-45 minute) it really just depends on the day

* Is enjoying eating big boy food (though he definitely still prefers to nurse) He eats breakfast with Hudson most days and usually lunch too. I have made some of his food and bought some to save time (and sanity) during this hectic season of life & I am learning to be okay with that.

So far he has tried & liked:

Sweet potatoes (favorite), applesauce, pears, spinach (though only with apples, not on its own), squash, green beans, carrots, blueberries, pumpkin, blackberries**(see note at the end), broccoli, brown rice cereal, peas

Dislikes: Avocado & bananas

* The real food has messed up his pooping schedule a little so I am going to get him started on a little bit of flax seed oil (worked wonders for Hudson). Good for the body & the tummy.

* Another note on eating – I totally forgot how messy it is to feed kiddos at the age! And Owen seems to be very tactile. He likes to feel things…food included!

* Is really into blowing zerberts (raspberries)

* Has a fantastic belly laugh. Daddy knows just the right place to tickle his fat little thighs. Thinks playing peak-a-boo with Mama is hilarious & when I kiss all over his chubby little belly. Laughs a LOT at Hudson.

* Speaking of Hudson, these two…I tell you…they surely do love each other!

* Is doing awesome with his sitting! I still put pillows behind him because he will occasionally conk over and our floors are so hard, but for the most part he doesn’t fall down much. He can bend all the way forward to grab a toy and sit back up straight without falling.

* Is really close to crawling. Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. Does this & baby “planks” all day 🙂 Those little muscles are getting stronger!

* Seems to really enjoy the water – bathtub or pool

* Still loves music. Especially live (Daddy or worship at church)

* Enjoys reading. Wants to feel & touch all the pages.

* I started introducing a few basic signs this past month as he has started eating (“more”, “please”, “milk”) Hudson loves helping to “teach”/show Owen these

* Is about to move from the pack’n’play to the crib because Hudson is going into a big boy bed!! (This happened last night – 7/14 – separate post to come)

* Chews on things constantly. But I doubt we’ll see any teeth for a while. I don’t see any hiding under his little gums. I’m pretty okay with that. I love his little gummy smile!!

* Goodness y’all, Owen has the most chill personality of any baby I have ever known. He is so happy to just be with us and go with the flow. He is all smiles and laughs – rarely cries – though he does let us know what he prefers a little more these days – he is just such a joy. I’m pretty spoiled with these boys of mine.

We love you Owen Paul Stone!! You are such a blessing & joy to our family!