The last two days Hudson has fed himself his whole bowl of oatmeal with very little help from me! He starting showing interest in using a fork & spoon sometime around his first birthday.

I wasn’t pushy about making him try, honestly I probably didn’t give him as many opportunities as I could have, but if he showed interest in our spoon/fork I’d give him one as well. Or if we were having a slow day & could stretch out meal time then we’d work on it. I’d just let him try & guide then guide his hand & then let him try some more. I remember I was really surprised how easily he maneuvered his utensils to his mouth without much help – now, the FOOD didn’t usually stay on at the beginning mind you! But he would more or less get the utensil into his mouth 🙂

For a long time he just used our normal dessert sized forks & spoons because I kept forgetting to get a kiddo sized set at the store. When I finally remembered I bought a set of these (Gerber brand), they were cheap at Wally world. I like that they are metal vs. plastic. It makes them a little heavier, which seems to = sturdier and easier to maneuver for Hudson. Plus the fork will actually poke & hold onto stuff easier than plastic. Plus it looks more like the real deal – which he totally notices.

Anyhoo…we haven’t really been working at it lately – just here & there during the week – so I was really excited when I gave him his spoon yesterday and he rocked it all by himself!

 Such a big boy!

Oh…and when he gets a bite on the spoon he says, “biiiiiiiii bie” (“big bite”). Guess he’s heard that a time or two 😉

This is his “say cheese” face – goober!