{belated} 4th of July pictures!

I found my camera transfer cable this morning! Just when I was about to give up hope. Yay!

So…here are the much belated July 4th pics.

We got some frozen yogurt at a place nearby our house…it was Hudson’s first time to have fro-yo & he was a big fan. We hadn’t ever been to this particular shop but it was SO good and cheap! Some places really price up their yogurt…but not this one. We will definitely go back! This was a fun 4th of July treat…perhaps a tradition will be born…

They are always so happy when I bust out the camera…

The kid has focus.

Then we went over to Liz & Kevin’s to celebrate with out home group friends. We were not only celebrating the 4th but also Mr. Andrew Cummings birthday…isn’t that fun that his birthday is on the 4th of July?? I would love fireworks on my birthday 🙂

This is Andrew & his wife Jan. We are super blessed to have this couple in our life! (a) they are about as cool as it gets. seriously. i’m amazed they are friends with us. (b) they love our kiddo like crazy…and the feeling is mutual…Hud adores them.

We got to see a pretty great firework display basically from Liz & Kevin’s backyard.

I was a little worried that the sound would scare Hud but we were far enough away that the “booms” were not crazy loud and he really seemed to enjoy watching all the sparkle-y lights! He is his Momma’s boy…

This is my favorite! I love my boys.

Why am I up so late?”

So there you go! Happy 4th of July everyone.


Happy 4th of July!

image credit

Tonight we are headed over to BBQ & hang out with some friends from our home group who have a great view of fireworks from their backyard. We {most especially ME} are really looking forward to it!!

Because, 1. This is the first 4th of July that I haven’t worked in 4 years. Seeing fireworks outside instead of out of the hospital window will be a really treat!

2. Especially because I {LOVE} fireworks!! Love. Love. Love.

3. I’m bringing these…

image credit…her pics are so much better than mine!

Nothing says summer….BBQ…4th of July…like PEPPERS!!


I’m about as excited about these peppers as I am about the fireworks!

If you click on the link under the picture you can follow Ree’s recipe. They’re the easiest thing in the world to make. I cook mine a little longer than she does because I like ’em a little softer. I’ll probably also blanch them after I halve and seed them because not everyone likes them as hot and I aim to please


I’ll post some pics of the cutie boy in his 4th of July gear tomorrow.