A couple of weeks ago I read somewhere that sitting up alone & crawling kind of go together.

I just didn’t expect the crawling to happen so soon after the sitting!

This cutie patootie is well on his way to figuring it out.  If  learning to crawl goes like everything else he has learned he’ll be zooming around before the week is over.  Note to self: time to get the cabinet locks installed!!

Right now he is doing the “inchworm.”  He sticks his booty in the air and then pulls himself forward.  I think he is just figuring out his upper and lower body are connected.  Funny 🙂

Oh goodness, Hudson doesn’t enjoy the learning curve.  He gets super frustrated when he is learning to do something new.  Which, per my mom-in-law, is exactly like his father was as a baby.

A huge part of me wants him to wait. Wait just a little while longer to really figure out how to get moving.  Then again, the rest of me hopes he figures it out soon because he is SO frustrated/discontent/whiney now!!  My little sinner is so in need of a Savior.  We’re reminded of this truth and brought to our knees in prayer daily.  Seeing his little sinful heart causes me to be so much more aware & abhorrent of my own.

Children = sanctifying!!

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”  John 3:30

Lord, may I be about the duty of mortifying the sin in my heart, that it would not reign in me.

I beg you again tonight for the salvation of this dear one Lord.  Soon.