Really really overdue.

Sheesh. My last post was in APRIL and it is now very nearly JUNE! I kinda fell off the face of the blog world. Life however has been speeding right along! Here are a few of the things that have happened in the last 3+ weeks I have been absent.

Have I mentioned we lead a home group on Thursday nights? Well…”lead” is relative…more like hang out with, eat with, study scripture with, worship with some of the. coolest. people. ever.

See…here they are…and we were missing two couples that night!

We have been meeting for about a year and 1/2 and had grown to somewhere around 30 people – which makes for a ginormously fun time! But it wasn’t realistic to stay that big forever … so we planted out a new group. Sending them out was both way exciting and way sad at the same time. It is funny how small our group 0f 20 now feels!

My favorite person in the whole world…

in case you had any doubt to whom i refer! 🙂

…went to India for 2 weeks. I was SO excited that he got to go! I love that part of the world!! (I spent a couple of weeks in a nearby country during college) Jordan went with TLI to help with/teach at a pastor’s conference. I’ll let him tell you about it…you can read his update letter here. The time at home with Hudson alone was easier than I expected … nothing major went wrong and nothing broke – house or car, which is the Lord’s goodness! You know those things always go wrong when hubby is away! I had planned to take a couple of road trips with Hudson to see friends who live far away but Hud still wasn’t over his upper respiratory junk and wasn’t sleeping well so we stayed home.

While Jordan was gone, the Lord gave me a teeny glimpse of what single parents (or military parents) feel…I really missed having him to share things with! Don’t get me wrong, it is nice to have him for the nitty gritty, day to day, tasks & chores & discipline, etc too … but I really missed being able to talk to him & share with him all the good and hard parts of the day. It made me extra thankful for my wonderful hubby.

Hudson & I  are both really glad to have him back home!

Oh, and Hudson didn’t skip a beat when we picked Jordan up from the airport. I was a little afraid he would freak out, but he was just really excited and kept looking at Daddy like he half expected him to disappear at any minute.

Jordan & I just got back from a vacation/anniversary trip to Gatlinburg, TN – which is just outside of the Smoky Mountain National Park. We were there for a whole week. We didn’t take Hudson…and we all survived AND had a really good time…although I missed my baby like crazy!

Hudson stayed here and split time between his wonderful grandparents (I mean, they are pretty fantastic to keep our busy busy BUSY boy for a whole week!).

I was super nervous and sad to leave him for so long even though I love the people who kept him. However, it was not as traumatic  as I expected. I skyped with him at least once a day…which has to be one of the best. inventions. ever. We both missed him bunches…but it was good to get away and enjoy each other. As hard as it was to be away, it was so very good to invest in our marriage via some quality time away from the normal distractions of life. Oh…sleeping in was great too. We had lots of fun hiking and exploring the area. But…

I am SO glad to be home.

I’ll post pictures, but I haven’t loaded them on the computer yet so you’ll have to wait.

One of my biggest fears was that Hudson would start walking while we were gone…but he didn’t. YAY.

Hudson…he turned 9 months old on the 19th and is rapidly becoming a little boy, not a baby. It is a super fun stage! But it is a little sad how fast he grows…I feel like if I blink too long when I open my eyes he’ll have grown into a man. I am loving every single second of being his Momma.

Here is his 9 month update:

* 18.6 lbs (25%) * 28.5 inches tall (60%) * Eats 4 bottles/day * Eats 2-3 meals of real food/day and LOVES it. Will pretty much eat anything we give him. * Is a very fast crawler * Can crawl with a toy in one hand, sometimes both * Likes to crawl with something in his mouth. Silly baby. * Pulls up to standing with hardly any effort * Cruises around furniture – getting really fast * Can stand alone for a split second, but doesn’t realize he is doing it 🙂 I think he could do it if he really tried but he is too busy doing other things * Talks all the time – but doesn’t yet say words on purpose (like he says “da-da” all the time, not just to Jordan) * Still won’t say mama…*sigh* *  Does the sign for “milk”. Sometimes he actually wants milk. A lot of times it seems to mean “I want that”. * Waves bye bye * Loves to place chase, wrestle with Jordan, knock down his tower of stacking cups, and make noise * Bangs his toys loudly, together, on the floor, on the wall, etc. * Clucks with his tongue, blows zerberts * Recently started a really high pitched sort of “squeal” * Starting to be able to grasb small objects with a pincher grasp * Likes to read * Likes peak-a-boo * Adores all animals – especially Baylor (Grammie & Pop’s dog) and Penny (Nane & Papa’s cat) * Can open cabinets * Puts EV-er-y-thing in his mouth * Has two teeth, on the bottom * Likes brushing his teeth *

Doesn’t like:

* Taking off or putting on clothes. I don’t know why, but this has become such a battle recently * Having to get out of the bath * Drying off after a bath * Being in his car seat for extended periods of time *

9 month pictures & trip pictures to come soon!!