Sleeping in…

You may not know this about me, but I do dearly love to sleep in. I didn’t use to, I was always up early. But then, I always had 8am classes in college or 6am clinicals to get up for. But after I graduated (and started working nights) on my days off I would just sleep and sleep. It was lovely

However. Having Hudson = my sleeping in days are over. Which I am ok with 🙂 He is definitely worth it! He normally wakes up at 7am, which is a totally respectable time of day. If I was really diligent I would get up BEFORE him but I don’t.

I’m working on it.

That isn’t the point though. The big news is that this morning he slept until 8:45!!!! I can’t even believe it!! Especially in light of the fact that night before last was the first time he has slept through the night in like 10 days (because he has been sick and would wake up coughing at least 2-3 times). I guess he just needed to catch up on some of that missed sleep. It was SO nice!! I woke up at 8! 🙂 A whole extra hour of sleep! Read my Bible and relaxed until he finally woke up.


Just what I needed.

Getting up in the night with a sickie baby is even harder with no hubby at home.

Speaking of my hubby, I have gotten to talk to him on the phone TWICE since he has been in India!! HOORAY! That is 2 times more than I expected I would get to talk to him. I am so thankful to the Lord for that gift 🙂 Please keep praying for him. He caught the bug that we’ve had right before he left. I believe he is feeling better but still not 100%. They are all preaching often, which is exhausting in & of itself. Pray for stamina, health, and a heart for the people. Pray that they will be an encouragement to the believers. Pray that the Word of Truth will fall on fertile soil and that lives would be transformed for His glory as the darkness is pushed back in India.

We are missing him tons but so excited for what the Lord is doing there.

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