Happy Father’s Day & 10 months

Today is a big day! It is father’s day! A day to celebrate the men in our lives – though they deserve so much more than just a day.

Happy father’s day to our most wonderful husband & daddy!

I hit the jackpot when I married this guy, tell you what!

He is kind. Hard-working. Loves Jesus like crazy.

He loves us so well.

I am so thankful to be his wife & to raise our children together.

Jordan is blessing beyond measure.

Today is also the 19th…Hudson is 10 months old today!

Sweet boy…you are such a JOY to be around. Being your Momma gets sweeter every day. You keep us laughing with your antics, expressions, silly faces, and jabbering. It amazes us how quickly you learn things! Just yesterday you took your first real steps! Daddy says it was his early father’s day gift 🙂 and a pretty good one if you ask me!  You can walk about 5 steps in a row. You still seem to know that crawling is faster and you choose crawling over trying to walk most of the time. Your success yesterday though has definitely given you a boost of confidence. You are so bold!

Pushing your toys around the house (or any other object you can find) is one of your favorite past-times right now. You love to open Momma’s bathroom cabinet and pull everything out and then put it back in again. You cruise around the furniture at breakneck speed. In fact, most things you do are at top speed! You love to sit and look at your books with touch & feel pages, you especially like to turn the pages & have gotten quite good at it. You’ve really enjoy spending these hot summer days in the pool. You still seem drawn to animals of all shapes & sizes – especially puppy dogs. You will eat just about anything, especially if Momma is eating it too! You still only sign “milk” but you do so to mean lots of things. I can tell that your language comprehension is exploding right now – so fun to watch! You are an excellent eater, willing to try just about anything & you like most things. Especially if Momma is eating the same thing! You seem to have a tender heart and respond quickly to correction & discipline. I am praying this holds true for all of your life – that the Lord would protect you that this NOT result in a fear of pleasing man – but that it results in a fear of the Lord leading to your salvation soon & very soon.

We love you more every day & are so thankful to be your Momma & Daddy!

Just snuck in to check on my boy before heading to bed & look at the cuteness that I found! 

All snuggled up with his blankie!

GOODNESS I love him!