Owen {7 months}

pictures to come…

Owen turned 7 months on 7/12/12

At 7 months::

* Owen is sleeping from 7pm-7am most nights (occasionally he will wake up a little early still in the morning)

* Naps from 9-11, and 1-3, and sometimes takes a catnap at 5 (for 30-45 minute) it really just depends on the day

* Is enjoying eating big boy food (though he definitely still prefers to nurse) He eats breakfast with Hudson most days and usually lunch too. I have made some of his food and bought some to save time (and sanity) during this hectic season of life & I am learning to be okay with that.

So far he has tried & liked:

Sweet potatoes (favorite), applesauce, pears, spinach (though only with apples, not on its own), squash, green beans, carrots, blueberries, pumpkin, blackberries**(see note at the end), broccoli, brown rice cereal, peas

Dislikes: Avocado & bananas

* The real food has messed up his pooping schedule a little so I am going to get him started on a little bit of flax seed oil (worked wonders for Hudson). Good for the body & the tummy.

* Another note on eating – I totally forgot how messy it is to feed kiddos at the age! And Owen seems to be very tactile. He likes to feel things…food included!

* Is really into blowing zerberts (raspberries)

* Has a fantastic belly laugh. Daddy knows just the right place to tickle his fat little thighs. Thinks playing peak-a-boo with Mama is hilarious & when I kiss all over his chubby little belly. Laughs a LOT at Hudson.

* Speaking of Hudson, these two…I tell you…they surely do love each other!

* Is doing awesome with his sitting! I still put pillows behind him because he will occasionally conk over and our floors are so hard, but for the most part he doesn’t fall down much. He can bend all the way forward to grab a toy and sit back up straight without falling.

* Is really close to crawling. Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. Does this & baby “planks” all day 🙂 Those little muscles are getting stronger!

* Seems to really enjoy the water – bathtub or pool

* Still loves music. Especially live (Daddy or worship at church)

* Enjoys reading. Wants to feel & touch all the pages.

* I started introducing a few basic signs this past month as he has started eating (“more”, “please”, “milk”) Hudson loves helping to “teach”/show Owen these

* Is about to move from the pack’n’play to the crib because Hudson is going into a big boy bed!! (This happened last night – 7/14 – separate post to come)

* Chews on things constantly. But I doubt we’ll see any teeth for a while. I don’t see any hiding under his little gums. I’m pretty okay with that. I love his little gummy smile!!

* Goodness y’all, Owen has the most chill personality of any baby I have ever known. He is so happy to just be with us and go with the flow. He is all smiles and laughs – rarely cries – though he does let us know what he prefers a little more these days – he is just such a joy. I’m pretty spoiled with these boys of mine.

We love you Owen Paul Stone!! You are such a blessing & joy to our family!


Four…and 5…and 6 months.

Good night y’all…it has been nine weeks since I posted.

Better late than never at all, right?

Apparently this is my modus operandi when it comes to blogging.

Well. My blog may have remained static but life has been hurtling along at what seems to be the speed of sound.

I’m just going to update on Owen in this post. The rest of life can have it’s own post another day.

(Well. Maybe. You know me & blogging, so don’t hold your breath or anything.)

4 months (Owen was 4 months on April 12th)

* Just after he turned 4 months Owen started stretching his sleep from 8-9 hours to 11 hours. Hallelujah. We moved him in to share a room with Hudson between 4 & 5 months and that went super well, we had maybe 2 nights of them waking each other up a little, but it was SO very easy all things considered. I had prepared myself for it to be hard with a capital H and I was so pleased with how easy it was.

* Nurses 5-6 times/day

* Sucks his thumb all. the. time. (side note:: I SWORE I’d never have a thumb sucker…but let me tell you folks…there is no stopping it. Believe me. I tried. Now I think it is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! And I will maintain that opinion as long as he will stop sucking his thumb before it messes up his teeth. Our pediatrician and our Papa (yes. having a dentist in the family is pretty darn nice) say there is nothing to worry about yet)

* Also loves to suck and chew on his toes 🙂

* Adores Hudson

* Loves music. Especially when it is Daddy playing the guitar or singing.

* Mostly in 3-6 month clothes

* Had a really terrible case of eczema for 2-3 weeks but I switched laundry detergents and baby soap and as of present (June) he hasn’t had any more problems. So maybe it was just atopic dermatitis and not eczema after all. I hope so because his flare up was so sad!!

* Rolls both ways

* Talks & smiles ALL the time

* Loves to snuggle

* Stats at 4 months:: 13lbs 9ounces and 25.3 inches.

I don’t have his growth chart in front of me so I’m not 100% sure where he fell at that point but it was somewhere around 25-30% on weight and 50% on height I think

5 months (Owen was 5 months on May 12th)

* Sleeping 11 hours at night give or take

* Nurses 5 times/day

* Sucks his thumb (and toes too)

* Sleeps un-swaddled (because one night I found him busted out with his swaddle blanket over his face…and we’re done with that!) He has done fine with that transition as it allows him much easier access to his thumb! (He may have still been 4 months when this happened…but it was pretty close to 5 I think)

* Sleeps on his side (I don’t know why I think this is SO sweet)

* Love his brother and puts up with a lot from him. Baby toys got a whole lot more interesting when little brother started doing more playing and less laying around. Hud will be real sweet and give Owen a toy…and then snatch it back 2 seconds later.

* Is finally big enough to be worn in the ERGO instead of the Moby. Which is great…because the Moby is way to much fabric for Texas summer heat!

* Wants to chew on everything (and everyone)

* Loves the doorway jumper thing

* Very social – smiley and talkative

* Is a snuggle bug

At 6 months (Owen was 6 months on June 12th)

* Sleeps 11-12 hours at night (normally our guys would go down at 7 and Owen will get up at 6-7 to eat but we had a crazy 10 days where they were up super later almost every night so right now they are going to bed more like 6:30-6:45 so O is waking up closer to 6 than to 7. Hopefully we’ll be pushing bedtime & wake-up time back a little later this week)

* Eats 5 times/day. His schedule is not as set as Hudson’s was at this age because for one, Owen is so go-with-the-flow that he doesn’t complain when we have to get out and do something during his naptime…and because it is harder for me to guard his schedule with Hudson running around…and because this is a busy season for us right now. But his schedule is usually either 6am-9am-12pm-3pm-6pm or 7am-10am-1pm-4pm-7pm (relatively).

* Takes 2-3 naps (one in the morning-he naps in his carseat or the ERGO if we are out and about in the morning, always one in the afternoon from 1-3 with Hudson, and sometimes a 30-45 minute catnap in the evening)

* As of June 20 he could not sit unassisted…but now…as of this past weekend (so June 22-23) he can sit for about a minute without support. Sometimes a little longer. It is crazy how one day he couldn’t and the next he could!

* He isn’t crawling but he can purposefully roll places. And he is starting to get up on his hands & knees (but only with his head on the floor). So I’m sure he will really be on the move soon.

* I tried a little cereal and applesauce shortly after he turned 6 months and he was completely disgusted with both of them…and I really think that for the most part, “before one is just for fun,” but over the weekend he tried and has loved sweet potatoes and peas and is suddenly very interested in our food. This seemed to come with the unassisted sitting.

* He is chewing on everything (and me) like a crazy man so perhaps some teeth will be appearing soon? I’m not going to hold my breath though, since Hudson did the same thing and didn’t get teeth until he was like 10 months.

* Enjoys being in the water – whether the pool or the bathtub with Hudson

* Is seriously the SWEETEST and most content baby ever. He smiles all the time and is still a little chatter box

* Is mostly wearing 6-9 month rompers (or 6 month onesies)

* Absolutely adores Hudson. Usually (tho not always) even when Hud sits on him. Sometimes Hud will do something and I’ll think Owen would be upset or hurt but he just belly laughs at his brother instead.

* Is much more expressive about his opinion and what he likes/dislikes.

* Is still such a snuggle bug

* Likes to grab peoples faces and kiss them. We’ll call it kissing anyways. Really he just wants to sweetly chew on your chin or your nose or whatever he can get in his mouth 😉 but we’ll go with kissing

* Stats:: At 6 months Owen weighs 14lbs 10 ounces (8%) and is 26 inches tall (50%)

Side note…

Yes, I know, he is a little guy.

But he is a healthy, milestone meeting little guy. I could write a whole post about how I’ve had some milk supply issues lately and how seeing that number {8th%tile} has brought out a TON of anxiety in me this past week…but lets leave it at this for now…

Owen is healthy and wonderful and growing (per his mama and his pediatrician, even if 92% of 6 month olds are fatter than he is)

Growth curves are a little silly and skewed anyways.

God is sovereign. Even over minute things like my milk supply.

And back to Owen…

He is seriously the sweetest little guy in the whole world. He is such a blessing and joy in our home! We can’t imagine life without him! Love you little boogs!


Owen Paul: 3 months

Owen was 3 months on the 12th of this month. Some day maybe I’ll get my act together and post the boy’s updates a little close to their actual day!

He is just the sweetest little boogie with so much personality! People who say, “if your first baby is easy then your second will be TERRIBLE,” are just rude & crazy! I thought Hudson was an easy baby but Owen is a SUPER easy – he is SO laid back about everything. He rarely cries unless he is hungry & I make him wait for some reason (like if we are driving or something). Otherwise he just squawks at us when he is ready to eat (like really emphatic talking). So funny 🙂

* Sleeps 8-10 hours (most nights)

* Eats every three hours during the day. Some nights I do a dream feed and some nights I don’t…it doesn’t really seem to make a difference in how long he sleeps, but I am usually more comfortable in the morning if I feed him before I go to bed. But often the need for sleep outweighs the comfort!

* Poops every 2-3 days

* Is still in the pack & play in our room…but is getting kicked out soon since he is sleeping pretty well. (a lot of days i think he would sleep longer but jordan’s alarm wakes him up early and once he is awake he is HUNGRY)

* Sleeps swaddled, but is very good at sneaking an arm out during the night so he can suck on his fingers. Little stinker 🙂

* Loves to talk! He coos and babbles and smiles all the time.

* Knows all of our voices and pays very close attention when he hears someone across the room (or across the Church, etc.) Jordan preached a couple of weeks ago and Owen listened very intently!

* Likes tummy time and is very good at pushing his chest up off the floor. Has good head control when propped up or on a shoulder.

* Up on a should is his favorite way to be held – he loves to look around

* Really seems to enjoy music – especially if one of us is singing to him.

* Pretty much adores his big brother and watches him all the time

* Has a chuckle-y kind of laugh

* Lost all his hair except a tiny little tuft at the base of his head (like a little monk)…and then Jordan buzzed that off…to “even him out.” Yes, I knew he was going to do it, and I held Owen & fussed (me, not Owen) the whole time. And then I got a little teary that ALL his very first baby fuzz-hair was gone. Although I guess it does look better…but I didn’t mind his little monk-do. The fuzz is growing back in. And his daddy loves his little bald and “even” head 😉

* Takes a bottle well. Which is good because I am going back to work next weekend!

* Seriously. I can’t even imagine our life without you Owen Paul! We love you!!

Owen 2 months; Hudson 18 months

Oh dear. I am late late late in posting this, but better late than NEVER, right?!

Owen turned 2 months on February 12. Here is the run down:

– Sleeping 7 (occasionally 8) hours at night every 2 or 3 nights, then he’ll be back to every 4-5 hours.

– Eats every 3 hours during the day

– Is awake for 1 hour after he eats then goes back to sleep. He is pretty much like clockwork.

– Poops every 2-3 days

– Has a double ear infection (BOO!!! This is my first experience with a child having an ear infection because Hudson has still never had one. Owen didn’t have any of the classic signs and wasn’t fussy at all, we found it at his well-baby check-up. It wasn’t a very bad one according to our pediatrician, and probably just because he has had so much congestion for so long & his little ears couldn’t drain. It broke my heart all the same.)

– Is such a social baby. He smiles and laughs and coos ALL the time. I love it.

– Adores his brother. Watches him all the time. Will smile GIANT smiles at him.

– Is a super snuggler. He loves to be on your shoulder with his head tucked into your neck. {Bliss}

– Is still sleeping in the pack N play in our room. We’ll kick him out to share with Hudson once he is sleeping a long stretch consistently.

– Weighed 11 lbs 12 oz and I don’t remember how many inches…I’ll update it later. Let’s be honest, if I go find his “report card” I may never finish this post!

~ ~ ~

Hudson turned 18 months on February 19:

– Sleeps from 6:45-7pm to 7:30-8pm

– Takes one nap from 1-3 (I’ve discovered he really has to go down at 1. If I keep him up later then he won’t sleep his full nap and will be CRANKY) He can stay up until about 2 every once in a while and be ok but not for consecutive days and he has to go to bed on the early side.

– Is still a really good eater for a toddler (I think), he will still LOVE something one day and HATE it the next, but not as often

– Can feed himself with a fork & spoon really well, but usually asks me to feed him about halfway into his meal

– Is talking like crazy. Every day he has new words. They are sounding more & more clear, but still very much toddler speak – not clearly enunciated. Words he says really well:: Mama, Dada, Up, Down, Out, Nana, Papa, Pop. (he says “Grammie” but it sounds like “BeBe”). Owen (“Ahdeen”). Drink. Eat. Airplane (“Ahpay”). Hi. Bye bye. Hudson (“Hutayn”).

He can do names/sounds for: Dog. Cat. Cow. Duck. Pig. Rooster. Snake. Horse. Lion. Squirrel (ha!). Bunny (wrinkles his nose). Monkey. Fish (face).

– Knows his first two catechism questions:: 1) Q: Who made you? A: GOD! (2) Q: What else did God make? A: ALL THINGS!

– Adores all things airplane. We read airplane books. Watch airplane videos on youtube. Sing airplane songs.

– Loves reading. All the sudden, he just can’t get enough. We read and read and read. Often the same 3-5 books…over and over and over and over…and over. (Right now were are especially loving these: Freight Train. That’s Not My Airplane. Planes at the Airport. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry, and Big Hungry Bear. From Head to Toe. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Choo Choo. Goodnight Moon.

– Loves to “drive” the car. He & Jordan will go sit in the car and pretend to drive for a long time.

– Loves to be outside (we’re super thankful for the nice weather lately!!)

– Loves to help. With everything. Work outside with Daddy in the garage or yard. He helps me clean and do laundry and cook. He loves to help vacuum and sweep. He helps with Owen (brings me a clean diaper and throws away the dirty ones), he helps bathe him when I put them in the tub together.

– Got 5 teeth in the last month or so (3 molars and 2 other bottom teeth – can’t remember their names). We’re making up for lost time I suppose!

– Is very interested in the potty. We are not doing anything official yet, but I’m starting to make a plan.

– Gives the sweetest hugs & kisses…without being asked. {Melts my heart}

– Is very good about holding our hands when we are out and about. Or when he wants to take us somewhere & show us something. {Love it. That started ~ 15 months when we were really working on coming to us and holding hands without pulling away}

– 23.5 lbs and 32 inches

~ ~ ~

I am SO SO SO thankful for my precious boys! I just can’t get enough of them. The Lord has blessed us indeed.

I’ll post pics later. I am almost out of battery…but at least I got this done!!


Here are the pics!

What a photo shoot USUALLY amounts to 😉

This is Hudson’s “cheese” face

Bubbs loves playing the piano these days

And this last picture…oh my. I die.

Owen {One Month}

Owen…how can it be that only a month ago I was sitting right here on the couch and you were still rolling around inside me? It feels so long ago & like yesterday all in the same moment.

You are such a sweet baby. Just exactly right for our family.

You fit perfectly in the little space between my neck and shoulder. This is one of your most favorite spots. You nestle in, as close as your can and are content to snuggle for just about any amount of time. You & I fall asleep often this way in the middle of the night when I am burping you in forget to keep my eyes open.

You’ve starting to get little rolls under your chin and on your legs (but they are still little chicken legs!). We’ll go to the pediatrician tomorrow for a check-up so I’ll update how much you’ve grown afterwards. A few of your newborn outfits are starting to get a little snug! Just today I bumped you up to size 1 diapers…they seem big still but you keep peeing out of the newborns.

The past week or so you’ve started giving us little smiles! Just little glimmers here and there but they are real smiles!

You are still a very relaxed baby. For the most part you are happy just to be with us & along for the ride. You get a little fussy when you are tired & are usually back to being content as soon as you are swaddled.

You have thankfully taken really well to an eat/wake/sleep schedule.  You went from nursing every 2 hours during the first 2-2.5 weeks to nursing every three hours at 7:00am/10:00am/1:00pm/4:00pm/7:00pm/10:00pm/after that kind of depends on the night. The past week you’ve been waking up around 2 or 2:30 and then 5 or 5:30. Then we start again at 7:00. I am looking forward to that 4 hour stretch turning into a 5 or 6 hour stretch…hopefully soon!

We are so incredible thankful for you our precious Owen! I love you more than I could even imagine.

See those toes on the right…

Hudson wanted to sit next to him and pat him {and touch that onesie sticker!} the whole time…He is the SWEETEST big brother in the world!

See those little leg rolls?! The chubs is coming!

And that double chin? Ooo I love it!