A Kick in the Pants

Since Owen has been sick he has been nursing really frequently. Gone is the 3 hour schedule for now.

And don’t get me wrong. I love breastfeeding.

But it is exhausting when he is eating this often.

And I am selfish.

And I really don’t want to nurse him when we just finished a feeding less than 2 hours ago.

I mean, of course I will. He is hungry & helpless. I love him & desire his good.

But maaaaaaaybe I’ll feel a little internal frustration/”woe is me” while I do.

And maaaaaaaybe while I’m at it, I’ll be short & snippy with my man

And then when I am smack in the middle of my not-so-hypothetical pity party sin {lets call it like it is} I get this big ol’ kick in the bootay.

{found here & here}

It is not to this that Christ’s example calls us.

He did not cultivate self, even His divine self: He took no account of self.

He was not led by His divine impulse out of the world, driven back into the recesses of His own soul to brood morbidly over His own needs, until to gain His own seemed worth all sacrifice to Him.

He was led by His love for others into the world, to forget Himself in the needs of others, to sacrifice self once for all upon the altar of sympathy.

Self-sacrifice brought Christ into the world. And self-sacrifice will lead us, His followers, not away from but into the midst of men.

Wherever men suffer, there will we be to comfort.

Wherever men strive, there will we be to help.

Wherever men fail, there will be we to uplift. Wherever men succeed, there will we be to rejoice.

Self-sacrifice means not indifference to our times and our fellows: it means absorption in them.

It means forgetfulness of self in others.

It means entering into every man’s hopes and fears, longings and despairs: it means manysidedness of spirit, multiform activity, multiplicity of sympathies.

It means richness of development.

It means not that we should live one life, but a thousand lives,—binding ourselves to a thousand souls by the filaments of so loving a sympathy that their lives become ours.

It means that all the experiences of men shall smite our souls and shall beat and batter these stubborn hearts of ours into fitness for their heavenly home.

It is, after all, then, the path to the highest possible development, by which alone we can be made truly men. Not that we shall undertake it with this end in view. This were to dry up its springs at their source. We cannot be self-consciously self-forgetful, selfishly unselfish.

Only, when we humbly walk this path, seeking truly in it not our own things but those of others, we shall find the promise true, that he who loses his life shall find it.

Only, when, like Christ, and in loving obedience to His call and example, we take no account of ourselves, but freely give ourselves to others, we shall find, each in his measure, the saying true of himself also: “Wherefore also God hath highly exalted him.”

The path of self-sacrifice is the path to glory.”

~ B. B. Warfield

Amen & amen.

How thankful I am for the Spirit that brings conviction.


Date night

Its “date night in” tonight with my favorite person in the whole world!!

(As opposed to “date night out”)

Sometimes putting the little man to bed & staying in = the best kind of date!!

For us tonight that means this for dinner::

…because I had a coupon for a FREE appetizer. Hello chips & salsa 🙂 It’s been a while. I’ve missed you.

So I suppose “technically” Jordan did go “out” to get our dinner…but…don’t hold it against me. It is still “date night IN”.

And we are going to finish watching the last two episodes of this:

Man, I have really enjoyed watching this mini series! It is HARD to watch – yes – but SO well done!! I’ve really loved it. We started it for-EV-er ago and never finished…so I am excited to wrap it up.

Mostly I am just excited for commitment-free night in with my hubby.


Yay date night.

The Kidnapping.

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Tonight I am kidnapping my husband and we are leaving our baby in super capable, loving hands and WE are spending the night AWAY!

Woo hoo!!

It’ll be our first get away since Hudson has been born.  I’m so excited about it!  We aren’t going far … but just getting away, out of the normal everyday environment is so good for the marriage.

This was husband’s Valentine’s Day present.  So he has know about it for about a week, I am not surprising & kidnapping him … not this time anyways.

So 🙂

Don’t text or call me.  I’ll be off the grid.