Iced Coffee

*this pretty picture was taken by Ree, thepioneerwoman, not me. just so we’re clear.

Oh how I love coffee. Have I mentioned this before?

Lately I especially love iced coffee.

Maybe it was the crazy hot Texas summer or maybe the pregnancy hormones which cause my body temperature to run much much hotter than normal but at some point iced coffee surpassed regular old hot coffee for me.

A friend introduced me to Starbuck’s iced coffee – not a frap mind you, just an iced coffee with syrup. The yumminess & the knowledge that it is SO much cheaper than a “regular” drink at Starbucks quickly won me over.

Then I tried making my own at home. It was pretty good.

Then I tried making Ree’s recipe.

We’re on a first name basis you know, because I’ve been reading her blog and cooking her recipes for-EH-ver.



That Pioneer Woman. She never fails me.

You can click the photo or that link to find the recipe with Ree’s gorgeous step-by-step instructions.

It was super easy! I was a little nervous that I was going to end up with coffee grounds in my concentrate but I didn’t.

I halved the recipe (because I didn’t have a big enough container to hold 2 gallons and because let’s face it, 1 gallon should tide me over for a while).

I used a bag of Dunkin’s hazlenut coffee (12oz) and a gallon of water.

I put hazlenut (sugar free) syrup and half & half (fat free) in mine…because I’m trying not to gain TOO much pregnancy weight and I am going to drink the stuff every single day from now until eternity.

I’m not really sure how they make half & half fat-free and I probably don’t want to know.

I also drink it out of a big mason jar with a stripey straw. Which makes it taste even better.

So go make a batch! You won’t regret it.