Potty Training {Day 2}

Here is a quick review of day 2 before (before we get going on today – which is day 3)

edit: i was trying to finish writing & post this before Hudson woke up…and i *almost* made it…but not quite…so, here is a late review of yesterday.

* The first night. I was resigned to waking up multiple times to change sheets…We put the boys to bed at 7:00pm. Hudson was still awake playing in his bed at 7:45 (& was dry) so I got him up & took him to the potty, he peed and went back to bed.

* I tried to take him again at 10:00 before we went to bed. Got him up & put him on the potty – he wasn’t really awake and was very confused and screamed and cried and did not pee. Oh the drama. So back to bed he went.

* Owen woke up at 1:30 (seriously? boo.) So since he & I were awake (& Jordan too for that matter) I got Hudson up and put him on the potty. Only I guess Hud was not really awake. Or something. More screaming. No peeing.
Back to bed.

* When we got back into bed a little before 2 I was so sure we’d be up again in an hour to change sheets…

* But we weren’t!! Our alarms went off early as usual (hubby’s much earlier than mine) & I didn’t hear a thing from Hudson (though the early bird, erm, Owen, did rise & shine as usual for some Mama time)  until he woke up at 7:45am with DRY undies!!!

That is twelve (12) hours folks! Amazing. I’m a believer. One of my biggest hold-ups with potty training was a fear that Hudson would wake up way early (he usually sleeps 12-13 hours) but maybe he’ll keep on sleeping a long time after all!!

* I put him on the potty right after he woke up but he didn’t go.

* He peed on the kitchen floor 5 minutes later…but finished in the potty. That was his ONE pee accident yesterday.

* I have been drinking an extra lot of water lately, so I’ve been making frequent trips to the potty myself, and being that we do everything together Hud usually just goes when I go which has worked out well…there hasn’t really been any protesting and maybe has prevented some accidents/gotten him used to the feeling & routine of potty-ing.

* Poop in undies…again…*sigh* Always the moment that I turn my back for 30 seconds.

* Hudson did not nap (at all) which is VERY strange – so Owen didn’t nap much because Hud was being so loud. Of all the days to not take a nap…let’s just say we all rejoiced when Daddy came home! 😉

* We put the boys to bed almost an hour early (because they didn’t nap) and once again Hudson slept through the night until 7:45 DRY! We tried taking him to the potty again before we went to bed but he didn’t go (but he didn’t scream either…so that is good!)


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