The One With All The Pictures

Here is a little glimpse at what life has looked like for us lately while I’ve been not blogging.

I’d say I’ll do better…but I think we all {the 3 of you who still read this blog & i} know that is most likely a big fat lie!

So here is a mammoth photographical update!

Way back in January while the weather was cold and yucky and we dreamed of the great outdoors we made cinnamon rolls (a yummy special breakfast treat instead of our usual soaked steel-cut oatmeal and applesauce)

“Making cinnamon rolls” quickly turned into: Lick finger. Dip into cinnamon sugar. Lick cinnamon-sugared finger. Dip again.

Hud can wear his backpack for reals. This is a little sad because he looks SO BIG, but very helpful as I just do not have enough hands these days!

Hud learned to climb on the very tall dining chairs. Juuuuust super.

We went to the Dallas Zoo with Nana. They had $5 admission in February (kids 2 and under = free). Too bad it is April now. There is always next year!

The animals are better at the Fort Worth Zoo, but there is an AWESOME kids play area at the DZ.

Hud rode a fat little pony. He was nervous at first, but then did great!

Owen lost all his hair.

The weather got nice and we walk to the park a lot.

We got our tan on and spent 2 days pulling bazillions of weeds from the back yard.

Hud learned to take off his own pants. Not sure why he is making such a terrible face, he was super excited about his new skills…

This punkin was dedicated at Church. The pictures of that are still in my email…I forgot to download them. But this was his outfit.

Hudson is obsessed with “driving”.

Owen grew an extra extra chin.

And has become an expert bubble blower

Baby feet. I can’t get enough of them.

Little man can sort of sit in the Bumbo for brief periods of time

I took his 3 month pictures at 3.5 months…and have yet to add them to the post

Cutie. I don’t think he could be any happier! He is THE sweetest little baby.

We went on an Easter egg hunt with some friends. Hud did so well. I didn’t think he would care or get the idea of it but he totally loved it and had so much fun running around & putting eggs in his basket. He loved it even more when he discovered the eggs held yummy treats!

Our grass turned green and is growing like crazy. Hudson LOVES to mow with Daddy. He is enthralled with all things yard work!


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