Its a snot-fest at our house right now. {Doesn’t that make you want to come on over & hang out? Blech}.

Hudson & I got it at the same time – mine lasted about 48 hours and Hudson’s is still going and now Owen has it too. My poor sick boogies! They are both so congested…I am suctioning noses right & left…Hudson sees the bulb syringe and starts screamingALL DONE!! ALL DONE!!”. I pretty much have to sit on top of him to hold him still enough to suction the massive quantities of mucous from his nose. Breaks. My. Heart. Owen puts up a pretty good fight too.

I hate hate HATE having a cold but I’d rather have one for the next month than my babies be sick. It is awful. I am so helpless to fix them. I strive (and often fail) to set my heart on the knowledge that my God is in control of my babies lives and that He is near, and good, and cares for them more than I ever could.

I am praying they both get over it soon and that it stays just a cold and does not become RSV or bronchiolitis or pneumonia. Especially Owen. He is just too little! Not being huge and pregnant in the heat of summer was nice this time around, but I do NOT like all the nasty cold & flu & RSV germs everywhere around my teeny little boogs!! Boo!

So far Jordan has managed to stay healthy, and I hope it stays that way.

Things I do for my sickies & recommend:

1. Wash hands. And towels. And sheets. And blankies. Often.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. {this means Owen nurses as often as possible & Hudson gets 1/2 juice in his cup – a special treat in our house – i’ll also put some Cold Care tea with his juice.

3. Run a cool mist humidifier. We have this one & I really like it. Just make sure to clean it really really really well so that it doesn’t start growing mold/bacteria!! I rinse ours with hot water daily & soak it with vinegar + HOT water weekly.

4. Use a bulb syringe and saline drops. I know it is awful and I hate it too, but unless they can truly blow their nose the snot must come out! Again – make sure to clean your bulb syringe often with hot soapy water.

5. Herbal remedies. {I’ll write a post on what we use sometime soon}.

6. SNUGGLE!! I cuddle my boys often anyways but when they are sick they need even MORE snugs.

I also made this homemade chicken noodle soup. I pretty much followed the recipes without making any changes except I didn’t make my own stock. It is definitely the best chicken noodle soup I’ve ever had – Hudson liked it too. Which was great considering he was refusing to eat anything besides applesauce & yogurt.

Here’s hoping the snot all dries up soon!


2 thoughts on “Snot.

  1. So sorry you and your boys have been and are sick…we are moving in that direction at my house too. With Campbell and daycare it seems to be every 3rd or 4th week. Thanks again for the herbal remedy ideas…I’ve been trying to use them!

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