{Belated} Merry Christmas!

This is a late {of course} review of our first Christmas as a family of four!

We had 2 Christmas Eve services at Providence this year – at 4pm and 6pm – so Jordan headed up to the Church around 2:00 to get things ready with the rest of the staff. The boys & I went to the 4pm and then headed over to my parents – Jordan met us there after the later service. We had strawberry waffles (the annual Hodges Christmas Eve tradition!) and did our Christmas with my family and then headed home.

We always reserve Christmas morning for just our little family. We finished our advent study/had a sweet time of family worship after a special Christmas breakfast – – I’ve been searching for the “perfect” recipe for the past 4 Christmases since Jordan and I have been married – – and this year I found it!! But I’ll save that for another post…

After we did our own thing we headed over to Jordan’s parents to do Christmas with his side. That was fun as his WHOLE extended family {the Stone side} was there at one time! I don’t remember the last time that everyone was under the same roof for a holiday – – seems like one or two are always MIA.

After brunch/lunch I took the boys home and we all napped. Jordan stayed for the annual Stone tradition of gingerbread house decorating competition…somehow all the guys ended up on a team together…and they won! Which is a big deal – – as Jordan & his team always ended up in 2nd place in years past. He was pretty {very} excited. Competitive IS his middle name you know.

We are super thankful for both of our extended families AND that they live so near to us – – it makes things so nice, especially at holidays! Especially when you have a baby right before Christmas…

P.S – How many of you noticed that in a previous post I said Owen would be 2 weeks old on Christmas Eve?? Sleep deprivation = really poor math skills! 2 weeks is FOURTEEN days, not TWELVE 😉 I didn’t even realized until I said something out loud about it and my SIL sweetly reminded me that he was born on a Monday, not a Saturday, and was indeed not 2 weeks old yet. Seriously. I am losing my mind…

Ok. Enough chatting…

Here are the pics!

2 cute boogies in matching Christmas Eve jammies!! Can’t even stand the cuteness…

Merry 1st Christmas precious boy!

The 5 knuckleheads who ended up on a team together and WON

This is their masterpiece…it is The Polar Express…

Four generations of Stone men (not that you could tell they are related by looking at them ;))

Merry {late} Christmas from us!!

Praying you had a joy filled time celebrating the birth of our Savior and longing for His return!


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