37 weeks

How Far Along: 37 weeks last Saturday (officially considered full term)

Fruit/Veggie: A stalk of swiss chard

Size: 6 and 1/3 lbs, somewhere around 19 inches long.

Baby changes: His lungs & brain continue to mature & he is working on becoming a chunky monkey.

Best Moment this week: We had a really good rain the other night…that was pretty wonderful. We had some sweet friends over last night for dinner & Bananagrams (my new favorite game).

Coming in at first place for the worst moment this week: my computer DIED…the really sad part is I hadn’t backed my stuff up to an external hard-drive (I know. I know. Believe me…I KNOW. So don’t tell me what I should have done or I told you so. I am already pretty crushed).

I am begging the Lord that the data recovery people will be able to pull my files off…otherwise Hudson’s first year of life in pictures/videos is gone…and I will really be devastated. I don’t even want to talk about it. Let’s just pray they can get them off…ok?

Gender: Boy. {Owen Paul Stone}

Movement: He still likes to stick his feet in my ribs. His little body parts are much more noticeable on the outside of my belly as he rolls around.

Food Craving: Turkey club sandwich from Shlotsky’s. I had it for lunch today actually…mmm…so good.

Sleep: So so. For being almost 38 weeks preggo, it could be worse.

Symptoms: I’ve been having some off & on pre-labor-ish symptoms, hopefully my body is gearing up to birth this little guy sometime soon! By “sometime soon” I mean in the next 3 weeks 🙂 I’m still anticipating going past my due date.

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving is tomorrow! (seriously? where did 2011 go??)

My belly: I took this with my phone. Which is old. And not at all fancy. So you might have to squint.


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