35 weeks


How Far Along: 35 weeks

Fruit/Veggie: A honeydew melon

Size: Weight: About 5 & 1/4lbs. Length: A little over 18 inches. (Both are per BabyCenter averages).

Baby changes: Gaining fat & filling out. Kidneys are fully developed and liver is beginning to process some waste products.

Best Moment this week: Oh my goodness! My parents are the best!

My dad has been working on the boys room this week, putting up board & batten – it is looking SO good! Can’t wait to show you when it is all done. My mom came over too and has been my absolute biggest hero helping me deep clean the WHOLE house. I’m talking ceiling fans, blinds, base boards, kitchen cabinets, my stove…it is all amazingly clean…I’ve totally been feeling the “nesting” urge and I am now feeling much more ready to have this baby {though not quite yet 🙂 I have a few more projects to tackle}.

Gender: Boy. {Owen Paul Stone}

Movement: I can tell he is feeling a little cramped these days, sweet little rolly guy.

Food Craving: Ice. Clementine oranges. Blueberry bagel with cream cheese.

Sleep: Pretty good.

Symptoms: Nothing new. I went to a chiropractor on Thursday and will be seeing her through the end of this pregnancy, hoping it will help with the lower back pain & with delivery. I worked at the hospital last night and came home with some serious cankles. Gross. That is my least favorite part of pregnancy. Well…that and constipation. Yep. Probably my two least favorites…TMI?

What I am looking forward to: Hudson and I are talking a road trip to OK to visit some of my bestest girlfriends & their babies. Super excited to see them!

My belly: Here I am at 35 weeks…


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