32 & 33 weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks (was 32 weeks on oct 15)

Fruit/Veggie: A large jicama (if you’ve never tried jicama you should! peel it, cut it up, and eat it raw…it is a little sweet & crunchy and a very yummy addition to a veggie tray)

Size: Weight: Owen was measuring about 4lbs 3oz at our sono last Friday, which is pretty average per Dr. G, though it sounds a little big to me. It is a pretty rough guess via sono at this point though. Length: I don’t know what he was actually measuring on the sono, my BabyCenter email says 16.7 inches.

Baby changes: He has hair & nails & is working on getting fat 🙂 Baby’s gain 1/3-1/2 of their birth weigh from now until delivery.

Best Moment this week: Our sonogram on Friday. It was SO fun to get to see our sweet little man!!! He looks just like his brother.

Gender: Boy. {Owen Paul Stone}

Movement: He is still a rolly polly little guy, definitely more and more noticeable as he gets bigger. He is head down (getting ready!!) and definitely prefers to stay on my right side with his little feet under my ribs.

Food Craving: I’ve been craving ice lately, which I didn’t think was too strange but apparently it can be indicative of anemia (low iron). Most preggos are anemic because so much more iron is required due to the extra blood volume especially in the third trimester…but I’m going to increase my intake of iron rich/vita C rich foods between now and my next appointment and see if it helps. I’d prefer to avoid an iron supplement if possible because they can cause some tummy upset and constipation and I don’t need any help being constipated with a 4 lb human sitting on my gut + pregnancy hormones. Is that TMI? 🙂

Sleep: Eh. Not awesome but could be worse.

Symptoms: Nothing really new.

What I am looking forward to: We have a cold front coming in this week!

How Far Along: 33 weeks (as of last saturday, oct 22)

Fruit/Veggie: A pineapple

Size: Weight: 4+lbs Length: 17+inches

Baby changes: His skeleton is hardening, he is continuing to fill out, become less wrinkle-y, & gain some chubs 🙂 All his senses are present – he can hear, smell, taste, feel, see (his pupils constrict & dilate in response to light).

Best Moment this week: We had a fun weekend spending time with friends. Saturday night we had home group “girls night” and Sunday night we went to “Ghouls on the Lawn”, which is a big halloween festival in our friend’s neighborhood, and had a great time hanging out & then watching the Rangers.

Gender: Boy. {Owen Paul Stone}

Movement: Nothing really new to report. He is still very high and occasionally protesting the fact that he is running out of room to stretch out 🙂

Food Craving: Still craving ice, clementine oranges (I could eat a whole 2lb bag in one day, I love them so much!), grapes (purple), diet cherry vanilla dr. pepper from sonic, aaaaaand…the colonel chicken salad with honey mustard dressing from cotton patch…which my sweet sister-in-law brought me for lunch this weekend 🙂 So yum!

Sleep: Sleep is not great. We’ve had lots of FUN but late nights recently due mostly to the world series and hanging out with friends and (a) I can’t stay up like I used to. Period. (b) The shorter night is interrupted by multiple trips to the potty. (c) Small children named Hudson do not come with a snooze button and 7:30 feels really early some mornings!

Symptoms: My eye(s) have been twitching, it happens when I am tired. I’m still short of breath fairly often due to the small person living right under my diaphragm. I’m a little more achy as my body continues to loosen up and get ready for labor (but my hubs gives great massages!). I’m getting really excited to labor with and birth this sweet boy in less than 2 months (excitement counts as a symptom, right?!)

What I am looking forward to: We are going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow!

Belly: I promise to post one soon. Tomorrow soon. I know its been a while…but today has been far too exhausting to go find my camera and snap a pic and upload it…


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