Wordless {but not really} Wednesday

When Jordan gets home and I hear the garage open, I tell Hudson, “Daddy is home!” and he runs to the back door, looks out this little “window” and waits for him.

{it is really a pet door that the previous owners installed…but it is the perfect pint sized window for Hud}

This is Hud’s baby book. He really likes to look at pictures of himself/us right now.

Lately the weather has been perfect in the morning and I leave the backdoor open. Hud LOVES to be outside and he will come and go from the back porch. We spend a lot of time playing outside in the mornings.

This is how I found him the other day … {hehe} … nope, he didn’t fall down, he just laid down and looked outside for a long time. He has done it several other times this week. So sweet!

Finally, who says 13 month olds can’t help with chores!?

Please also notice the explosion of toys behind the hard working baby. This is what life looks like with a toddler…

And for those of you who want to see my belly at 30 weeks…here ya go.


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