26 weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks.

Fruit/Veggie: An english hothouse cucumber {how this difffers from a regular ol’ cucumber i have no idea. anyone know?}

Size: Weight: about 1 & 2/3 lbs. Height: about 14 inches.

Baby changes: His eyelids have finally opened by now (remember: they were fused shut previously). His hearing is becoming more and more acute. His toenails have recently grown in and he is continuing to store fat under his wrinkly baby skin. Brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. He is practicing breathing – inhaling/exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid – which is super important for his lung development.

Best Moment this week: Went on a date with the hubby to our favorite italian place 🙂

Gender: Sweet baby boy. {Owen Paul Stone}

Movement: This week his current favorite position is underneath my right ribcage 🙂 It must be nice there because Hudson spent a lot of time there as well. Owen moves his most at night.

Food Craving: Nope.

Sleep: Eh. It has been better. I have started taking naps most afternoons when Hudson goes down.

Symptoms: Still the same discomforts. My friend Mel who is a PT gave me some exercises to do to help with the SI joint pain, so I’ve been trying to do those and it has helped some.

What I am looking forward to: Have I mentioned I am ready for fall? So is the rest of the south I’m sure 🙂





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