Happy Birthday Hudson!

Yesterday, August 19, was actually Hud’s birthday, but I didn’t get this posted…

Sweet Hudson.

Daddy & I cannot believe how quickly the last year has gone by! Yet at the same time, we have only the fuzziest memories of life before you were in it.

The last year with you has been such a joy.

You are indeed the sweetest little boy we know.

You are always on the move. Walking. Running. Climbing. “Jumping” (i.e. you move your feet back and forth really quickly)

When we turn on music, you dance.

You can now not only climb onto the furniture, but get off carefully (you turn onto your belly and slide off feet first instead of just diving off head first. Momma is very thankful for this development!)

You love airplanes, balls, trucks, blocks, daddy’s guitar, the piano, being outside, animals of all kinds, your blue blankies.

You are almost always carrying something around the house (just like Daddy when he was little). Preferably something in both hands.

You are so smart and you love to figure out how things work.

You surprised Momma the other day with you ability to put several the plastic shapes into the correct places in your shape sorter all by yourself.

You love to sit on our laps while we play.

Being tossed up & down in the air by Daddy & wrestling with Daddy are two of your most favorite things. Daddy is your biggest hero. When he comes home from work and Momma says, “Daddy is home!” you go to the garage door and look out the little window (clear pet door from the previous owners’ cat) and wait for him to come inside.

You give Momma the sweetest kisses & cuddles. When I am working in the kitchen you come and hug my leg & bring me one of your toys. When I get ready in the morning you go into my closet and hug my clothes 🙂 I guess maybe because they smell like me.

You really like to take showers with one of us. Probably even more than you like to take baths.

We are working on transitioning from formula to organic whole milk & so far it is going pretty smoothly, for which I am thankful. Next we’ll work on moving from the bottle to a sippy cup all the time.

You eat like a champ. Sometimes I think you eat as much as I do!

You take 2 naps a day. I think we could probably drop your morning nap sometime in the next month or so, but I’m afraid you’ll just want it back when Owen is born, so I am going to try to wait until after he is born. One big change at a time!

You are developing more of a love for books. You will sit in my lap and read and we can actually get all the way through a book before you get up to find another one or a toy.

You, our son, are the most precious blessing from the Lord. We are so thankful for your life. We love watching you grow. We beg Him daily for your salvation.

We love you Hudson Mark Stone! With all our heart.

this was the morning of your birthday. i am greeted by this sweet expression every morning. oh what joy!


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