Can I just take a second to brag on how wonderful this guy I married is?

Seriously ladies, I hate to break it to you that I got the best guy out there!

Jordan gives Hudson a bath every night (well…unless he has a meeting or a game or something during bath time, which is rare. I have given the child 2% of his baths during his life)

It is “their time”.

Last night, a cute clean naked baby walked into the living room from the bathroom as usual.

The baby was followed by my cute, wonderful husband who matter-of-factly said,

“Well. Hudson pooped in the tub.”

First reaction – ew.

Please note: this is the first time this has ever happened. We made it almost a year with no poop in the bathtub. I call that impressive!

Second reaction – do I need to go scrub it?

“Nope. Already done.”

He didn’t holler for help.

He didn’t make a big deal out of it.

He just showered Hudson and cleaned the tub & all the toys.

When I walked in the bathroom later it was sparkling clean.

Isn’t he wonderful?

It spoke volumes of love to me!

It is the little things in life…{although dealing with poopy bath water is a pretty big thing in my book}…that remind me how blessed I am to be married to my man.


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