Monday Monkey

Hope you all had a good Monday!

Have I mentioned my son is a little crazy? One of his favorite things to do is jump off the couch onto pillows. I posted a video of it a while back. Lately he has also been climbing up onto our ottomans in front of the couch…the other day I walked in the room to find him standing on top of them.

I pray often, “Lord please protect this child from serious head trauma”.


He was at it again today…here are some pics of the fun. I couldn’t get one of him standing…he would jump off or sit back down right as I was about to take the picture

Kiddo loves to carry things around…the bigger and heavier the better…he has little baby muscles {grin} Tonight it was our couch pillows, which are like twice his size.

Pillows are so fun.

I am so thankful for this baby boy.


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