Ordinary Duties

The duties that God, in an ordinary way, requires at our hands are not proportioned to what strength we have in ourselves, but to what help and relief is laid up for us in Christ; and we are to address ourselves to the greatest performances with a settled persuasion that we have not the ability for the least.” ~John Owen, Works Vol. 6, 94.

I read that quote this morning on this blog.

It has done and continues to do a convicting & motivating sort of work in my heart.

Especially in light of the three baskets of laundry that have been sitting ignored in my bedroom waiting to be put away for…well…let’s just say “a few days” and leave it at that.

Praying they are beneficial for you as well as you go about the “ordinary duties” of your day, recognizing that even these are valuable, for we do them through and unto our Lord.

P.S. that is our Owen’s namesake 🙂 More on the choice of his name to come.


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