some tunes

Ok. Let it be said, I am NOT one of those super cool & trendy music gurus. I do not stay up-to-date with the latest & greatest. I do not rock the most recent fashion trends with style & grace. Nope. Not I. Not cool. Nor trendy. Nor excessively fashionable. But…I will still share with you some tunes I am loving!

I listen to Seeds a lot.

I love it!

It really helps me hide the Word in my heart and I like playing it for Hudson because I know that he will be singing the songs so very soon! And what a great way to begin planting the Word in his little heart.

That’s probably why they call it “Seeds”. I’m a smart one you know 🙂

I love this girl. Miss (she could be a Mrs. now for all I know) Brooke Fraser.

I think if I could pick any singing voice to steal … it might be hers.

And these people …

The Civil Wars.

Love ’em.

Just tonight the hubby introduced me to this guy.

I have only listened to the first 3 songs … but I really liked ’em … especially #3.

So I am going to put it on this list!

The rest of the album could stink … but I don’t think it will 🙂

You can download his stuff for F-R-E-E from NoiseTrade

P.S – Do you ever listen to people and imagine what they look like? No? I’m a werido. Oh, well. FYI – This guy. He is a shocker. He looked NOTHING like I pictured!

You can listen to the rest of these on GrooveShark.

Which is AMAZING. If you haven’t ever checked it out you should. You won’t regret it!

Hope you enjoy!


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