Pics, pics, pics!!

And now, what you have all been waiting for…a blog full of PICS.

And depending on how tired I am after I import all the pics … maybe even a video or two! 🙂

Please enjoy.

This is Hud with his BFF Saber at the Providence church picnic

Isn’t Saber a cutie? He might be the happiest baby I know! He and Hud are only 6 weeks apart in age.

We love swinging!

At home on the back porch…

Or at the park in our neighborhood

Look at his hair blow in the breeze! ha!

He stands and cruises around the whole house

Cutie 🙂 Look at his snotty nose though…ew…I totally want to wipe it

I think he looks like Jordan…what do you think??

And his new most favorite past time … shredding paper…

I left the room for about 30 seconds and came back to this…stinker…

…who me?

Hudson tried baked beans the other day at Grammies…

He was a big fan…in case you can’t tell 🙂

We have been loving the pool (at Grammie & Pop’s house) in this blazing TX heat!

Hud with his aunties…I know…he is just a LITTLE spoiled 🙂

We especially love having auntie Hamna home for the summer! We miss her when she is away in SD at school!

Ah yes…this is the life!


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