Our little sickie guy

Man I hate it when my baby is sick. I feel very helpless. Hud’s cold seems to be moving in the opposite direction of where I hoped it would go. I want it gone & it seems bent on moving into his chest. There are pros and cons to being a nurse while your kid is sick. PRO: have good strategies & tools for treating, managing, and monitoring. (and yes! you better believe i auscultate his lungs with my stethoscope often!) CON: can think of a hundred horrible (albeit unlikely) things that could go wrong from a little cold. which means it is extra hard for me to do this.

.big sigh.

Our humidifier is broken. Now is a great time to not have a humidifier. This afternoon Hud’s congestion really seemed to be getting worse, so I texted a few people to see if anyone had a humidifier we could borrow until our new one arrives and POOF within 10 minutes I had one here, up & running. I am so thankful for sweet friends who drop what they are doing to run a humidifier over! It has definitely seemed to help. Praying it continues to help him breathe a little easier as he sleeps. Hoping today is the worst of it! If not … it will probably be back to the pediatrician we go. This is his first illness that has required MD intervention/check-up. 😦 Not fun. I enjoy being the patient who only sees their Dr’s for checkups.

Here are some pics of our sweet sickie boy:

isn’t that the saddest wittle face?? 

don’t worry too much though. i am still seeing these faces as well:

Taking comfort & peace in this knowledge tonight: He holds all things together. Every fiber of my baby’s being is under His divine, sovereign, loving control.



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