It has been one of those days…

I am all cozied up on the couch with a cup of tea. Not this particular cup of tea, though wouldn’t you love to drink it with all those pretty flowers floating around? I think it is so lovely. Ordinarily I’d be outside on the porch swing, but it just rained (hallelujah!) and the seat is all wet. I am not in the mood for MY seat to be all wet too if you know what I’m sayin’.

It has just been one of those days. I have had what feels like the cold of the century for the past week or so. It came on slowly and is lasting for-EV-er! Unfortunately this morning sweet Hudson woke up with it too 😦 He has run a low grade fever most of the day – which doesn’t freak me out – I think a little fever is the best way to fight a virus – but it is unusual for him. In the past when he has been sick he has never run a fever. So we went to the pedi so Dr. Chad could peek in his ears – no infection. At least not yet! I’m trying some homeopathic remedies…Hopefully they will shorten his cold and keep any ear infections away! I am a little on the crunchy side you know. “Crunchy” as in “granola” as in “hippie” … in case you haven’t heard 😉

So our morning started when I heard Hudson snorting snot on the monitor at 6:30. Boo.

I spent the rest of the day wiping and/or suctioning his nose and/or blowing mine and/or using my Neti Pot (yes. i love it. no. it isn’t as weird as it sounds. promise.)

Hudson is really a trooper about being sick – way better than his Momma – but today was pretty rough, I could tell he just didn’t feel good at all. His little face was puffy and his nose is red and his eyes are watery & they have that “i don’t feel good momma…make it better” look. My child who usual only moves 90 miles an hour while awake moved a little slower today. Took more “time outs” for Momma-snuggles (i do love me some snugs from my baby boy!)

Also today I somehow managed to whack my face (the top part of my cheekbone, just below my eye to be exact) on the corner of the shower door handle while trying to grab my towel and not bonk Hudson (who sits outside the shower door banging on it & talking to me until I come out). I don’t know how exactly it happened. But it did. I am just that clumsy. And it hurt so bad that I cried (I’m a sissy). And I will probably have a big old bruise on my face.

Jordan’s computer is having major issues. The geniuses at the Apple store say it is “beach-balling”. We say the little multi-colored wheel won’t stop spinning when it is turned on. Yipes. They aren’t really sure what it means yet. Probably it means they will have to wipe his hard-drive. Double yipes. This wouldn’t be a big deal normally because he backs his computer up onto a “cloud” (i think that is what it’s called. some online something) except apparently his back-up program has been saying that it is backing things up but not actually doing it lately. Yipes, yipes, yipes. It seems two months worth of stuff (journaling, work stuff) has not been backed up. Major sad day. He is up at the store right now trying to see if that can get the files onto an external hard drive before they wipe the old one. If anyone can do it the Apple geniuses can, right?!

Praying they can.

Speaking of that hunky hubs of mine with the beach ball of a computer. I am praying praying praying that he does not get this most horrible of all colds right before he leaves for India! Or while he is in India! That would be horrible. Please be praying for his health with us!!!

Today I am extra thankful for soft Kleenex, a bulb syringe to suction my kiddo’s nose out, hot water, Johnson&Johnson vapor bath (that stuff is money) a pediatrician I trust who is just down the road and that we have money to take our child if we feel it is needed, chicken noodle soup, hot tea, & a bed to sleep in.

So many people do not have access to these things. Lord help me to be thankful for your provision instead of grouchy in my slight suffering!

Oh – I just got a text from Jordan – they were able to retrieve his files!! Hooray! Thank you Jesus!!


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