8 months

Hudson is 8 months old today!!

Little boy, you are such a joy!! You are changing so fast these days!

Things you do these days:

Crawl (fast!), go from crawling/laying down to sitting, pull yourself to standing, you are getting better at feeding yourself finger foods – it is still hit & miss sometimes, sleep 12 hours at night (7pm-7am) and take 2 naps (10-11:30ish and 2-4ish), you eat 4 bottles/day and 3 meals of “real food”, you talk ALL the time (dada, baba, yaya, blah blah – no mama yet!), you also “roll your r’s” and “cluck” with your tongue, you love baths – can’t wait until we can get in the pool, you love the guitar – daddy plays for you every day and you will sit and listen for a long time – you know right where he keeps it and i often find you trying to “play” it yourself!, when you are excited/happy – you wrinkle your nose and smile, sometimes you wrinkle your nose and snort (so funny!), you enjoy reading – especially touch & feel books, you listen and respond (usually) when told “no”, you love dogs (really ANY animal, but especially dogs), you enjoy sitting in your stroller for a walk/run, you still only like the little green “soothie” pacifiers, you finally got your first tooth last week!

We love you SO much Hudson Mark Stone!!

I can’t believe you are already 8 months old!! The time flies by! Although, Daddy & I were saying the other day, that it is hard to remember what life was like without you!


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