Boogers and a Book Wreath


Yesterday my little boy woke up with a runny nose.  NOT lovely!  I am wondering if it is connected to teething.  Mamas – did your babies have runny noses when they were teething??  Still no signs teeth, but drool is abundant.  We went to the pedi today…he thinks it is just a cold.  Hopefully it won’t turn into something nasty like RSV …

Speaking of the pedi, Hudson weighed 16lbs (25%) and was 26.5 inches (70%) today.  Busy busy skinny boy, he plays so hard he burns off his calories as soon as he eats it seems!!

My days have mostly consisted of cuddling my sweet boy.  He is the sweetest little sick guy – as long as he is being held – he is extra snuggly when he is sick..  So smiley.  So full of giggles.  So full of snot.  Not a fan of being set down when he is sick.  Nope.  Set him down and you’d think the world was ending.

When I wasn’t holding my sweet baby (i.e –  while my snotty snuggler was taking his nap) I made this!!

* imagine a really great refinished entry table & lamp in this space instead of a lonely wall and outlet …

Isn’t it so pretty??

It has been on my project list for a while.  I probably should have cleaned my house today while the snuggler was sleeping instead of hot-gluing a million book pages together … but then again … the dirt can always wait until tomorrow!

This was super easy , inexpensive & I think – gorgeous!  A little time consuming, but overall it goes pretty quickly.  I didn’t even take pictures along the way because this tutorial is way better than mine ever would be.  There is even a neat little video with examples of rolling the pages – so helpful!

I am still peeling hot glue off my fingers.  That is the only downside … burned fingers.




2 thoughts on “Boogers and a Book Wreath

  1. Sorry to hear that Hudson is a sickie…but yay for extra snuggles! And plus, I think he looks pretty cute with snot dripping out of his nose!

    The wreath is awesome! And way better than having a clean house!!

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