The buggies


Back in the day, a few months ago, when Hudson would wake up in the morning he would go from sleeping to crying in about 2 seconds – because as soon as he woke up he wanted to eat.

However, lately when he wakes up he has been talking and playing in his crib.  Sometimes for 30 minutes!  It is so fun it listen over the monitor.  Or sometimes to peek over his bumper pad and watch him. Or sometimes to sleep in until he is ready to eat 😉

It started with just talking in his crib when he woke up.  Then he would play with his paci – he can find it and put it in his mouth and take it out and talk to it 🙂 best game ever.  Then I stuck a couple toys in his bed.  His Sophie the Giraffe

(p.s – this thing is ALL the rage for teething, and my mom got one for Hudson, and he really has loved it – so there is hype for a reason & i definitely recommend it!)

Recently we got this buggie mirror for the side of his crib.

The bugs crinkle and jingle when he grabs or kicks them.  I got this one because it was the most inexpensive option (like $15 instead of $40.  seriously? $40 for a crib toy?!) and I wasn’t totally sure he would be into it – and I liked the bright colors.  Oh. My. Goodness. He has loved these buggies!  He plays with them every morning and after his naps 🙂

Hallelujah for crib play time!


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