This lovely lady came into town last night

Her name is Erin.  We lived together during college & she is one of the biggest reasons that I survived nursing school!  Erin is one of the most amazing people I know.  She is in school getting her MSN (Master’s in Nursing) at UTA – though she lives in Oklahoma!  Erin balances being a wife, mommy, student…who commutes a LONG way to class, & nurse with such grace.  Jesus is very evident in her life!  She is such a blessing!!

Erin & her hubs Ben have a PRECIOUS little boy named Andrew, who just turned one.  Hudson & I get to play with him while his Momma goes to class today!!

We have had SUCH a fun morning!

They are both worn out & napping at the moment … sweet boys.

I’m going to go finish my coffee before they wake up!

Until next time.

Much love.



2 thoughts on “Playdate.

  1. I am SO excited about this(“this” being your blog!) that I am going to comment all the time to encourage even more blogging!!! You are the all-american mom juggling a one year old and a 3 month old AND managing to make a pot of coffee! Tell Erin I said hi! Love you!

  2. Mary – goodness…it was FUN but character building!!
    Coffee = survival for me this morning! I don’t know how you make parenting two small children look so graceful & easy!

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