So it begins.

It is official.  The Stone family is blogging!  I know, I know we are so behind the times.  Oh well.  Better late than never I suppose!

Perhaps you are thinking: “So why start a blog now?  Oh yeah … you had a kid.  Everyone who has a kid has to have a blog.  Its like required for being a Momma.  One of those forms you sign before the let you push the baby out: ‘Yes. I will start a blog‘”

No silly.  Not really.

So why a blog then?

I am beginning to see that family blogs are like modern-day time capsules, all ready to have stories & memories & pictures tucked away inside.  They allow grown children to someday see an inside perspective of how their Momma & Daddy thought, spoke, lived.

That is very cool.  Not because WE are cool, but because we belong to an amazing God who refuses to leave us as we are – yucky, sinful,  & messy – but He is constantly in the process of changing us to look like His Son Jesus.  I want our children to see that process, to learn from – and hopefully be encouraged by our journey – for His glory.

Blogs can also help us remember the real details of our life, the important & the mundane.  The Lord tells His people over & over to REMEMBER what He has done.  For His glory.  RememberRemember. Remember.  Those are just a few times.  There are a whole bunch more!!  Go read your Bible & see!

Also, blogs can help friends stay in touch even when you live far apart.  If you are my friend and you don’t live near me then I praise the Lord for your steadfastness.  Because I stink at staying in touch!!  I like to sit down, face-to-face.  Have you over for a cup of coffee & chat,  heart-to-heart.  Phones. Letters. Emails.  I am horrible.  All my long distance friends are nodding their heads.  I am hoping this will help.

I DO hope a couple of you will read our little blog 🙂  Even if you don’t I’m going to try to be faithful to do it.

I also promise to post pictures (of Hudson).  Because what is a blog without pictures, right?!  And he is the one you are in it to see right? I thought so.  Alright, until next time!

Much love.


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